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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wurzbach Group meets at Orderup, Colonnade

L-R: Guest Speaker Monica Cassell, Non-profit speaker Linda Hartman, Wurzbach Group Founder Joe Solis, Quico Canseco, Republican Primary candidate for Congressional District 23, Sergio Zapata, Homer de la Garza, Salome Salter, Chalres Guerra, Rosindo Solis, Robert Vasquez, Wurzbach Group Founder Joe Solis & Russell Keller, attendees, speaker Linda Hartman & JP Marcia Weiner

The monthly Wurzbach Group met at Orderup at the Colonnade, Wednesday, June 20th. Monica Cassell served as the guest speaker. Sponsor Sergio Zapata spoke as well as non-profit speaker CEO of Benevolence Works Linda Hartman.

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