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Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Roll Call" says Canseco flooding airwaves with ads

Quico Canseco (photo)
Congressional District 23

Republican Primary hopeful

Roll Call
article reprinted in entirety, June 14th
Canseco Ads Flooding Airwaves, Mailboxes

Attorney Francisco “Quico” Canseco is after the GOP nomination in the 23rd district and is already dropping mail and running radio ads in an effort to introduce himself to voters and pave the way for a general election matchup with Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D).

Bexar County Commissioner Lyle Larson (R) continues to consider running and has been to Washington , D.C., to discuss a bid with Republican leaders. But Canseco, who is spending his own money even as he solicits contributions, went up on the San Antonio radio waves May 15.

The longtime Republican activist is now on his third radio spot, having also dropped three district-wide direct-mail ads.

“I’ve done a very good job of getting the Republican base on board, and I believe I’m going to win the primary,” Canseco said this week in a telephone interview.

Rodriguez in a December 2006 runoff ousted then-Rep. Henry Bonilla (R) in the 23rd district, which was redrawn last summer after the Supreme Court ruled that its boundaries violated provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

However, it is a still a GOP-leaning district and Canseco said he can beat Rodriguez by offering Republican and like-minded voters a candidate they can warm to.

“If they are presented with a Republican they can get excited about — one that represents their values ... that’s how I beat Ciro,” Canseco said.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did not sound concerned about a Rodriguez-Canseco matchup — should one materialize.
DCCC spokeswoman Kyra Jennings said Rodriguez “is well-liked, and the district is responding to how effective he’s been in Congress.” Facing Canseco, she continued, “wouldn’t be a real challenge.”

Rodriguez, not known for his fundraising prowess, closed the first quarter of 2007 with a healthy $356,000 on hand and $37,724 in debt. He raised raised $221,000 for the period ending March 31. Canseco did not report any fundraising activity in the first quarter and declined to reveal how much he has contributed to his own campaign thus far.

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