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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brian & Shannon Schmoyer host a party for Cibrian

L-R: Councilwoman Diane Cibrian, Dr. Jack Rountree, Kim Bowers, Jane Macon, Councilwoman Diane Cibrian, host Brian Schmoyer & daughter, John Bozada, Cibrian Chief of Staff Marina Gonzalez, Councilwoman Diane Cibrian & Lupe Arana, Cibrian staffer Michael Shackleford, Cibrian & her constituent services staffer, Christy, Gerardo Menchaca, Marina Gonzalez, Kim Bowers & husband Rob Bowers, Cibrian & hostess Shannon Schmoyer, Pete Humble & daughter, Sarah, attorneys Jane & Larry Macon, former Balcones Heights Councilman Steve Walker & Councilwoman Diane Cibrian, Rob Bowers daughter & Cristina Cibrian, artwork

Host & Hostess Brian & Shannon Schmoyer hosted a party for Councilwoman Diane Cibrian, Thursday, June 21st at their home off Blanco Road.

District 8 Councilwoman Diane Cibrian & District 5 Councilwoman Lourdes Galvan will both be sworn in as Council members, Friday, June 22nd in the City Hall. Saturday morning a ceremonial swearing in of all the council members will be held in council chambers followed by a Mass at San Fernando Cathederal to bless the council.

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