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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to finish Senate Term

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (photo) to Finish Term in Senate
Will Stay to Fight for Texas in U.S. Senate

Saying that she has “always tried to do what is best for Texas ,” U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, (R-TX) announced today that she will remain in the Senate to help fight for Texas and against the unprecedented expansion of the federal government. Hutchison was joined at the announcement by the Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and fellow Texas Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).

“For family reasons, I had planned to begin making a transition home to Texas this spring,” Hutchison said. “But it is clear to me that the stakes in our nation’s capitol have never been higher. President Obama’s victory on health care legislation has emboldened those who want an even bigger and more intrusive federal government.”

Hutchison noted that she has heard from significant numbers of constituents and colleagues since the March primary, urging her to stay in the Senate to complete her full term which ends in 2012. She also received a letter signed by every Republican member of Congress from Texas saying: “if you will stay and fight, we will fight alongside you.”

Hutchison said that the ongoing debate on health care, as the true costs come to light over the next months and years, and the proposed cap and trade legislation, which would devastate the Texas economy, promises to get more intense in the months ahead.

“On a personal level, this has been a most difficult decision, but after much deliberation, I have decided to complete my term. I will work alongside our great Texas congressional delegation to repeal and replace President Obama’s massive health bill, to stop cap and trade legislation and to cut the deficit the President is building that is putting our economy in peril.”

Hutchison is the Ranking Member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee as well as the Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The final photos of the Claude Black Heroes Gala, 3-29

L-R: Judge Greg Mathis with guest, Host Taj. Matthews, Tommy Calvert, honorees State Senator Leticia van de Putte, SAEN Columnist Cary Clack, Choco Meza & husband, Danny, & Jeyynne LeBlanc Burley, Councilwoman Mary Alice Cisneros & Rachel Sakai, Mayor Julian Castro & brother State Rep. Joaquin Castro, Byron Miller & judicial nominee Dinoroh Diaz, former Councilman Art Hall, Adam Zeldes, State Senator Carlos Uresti, Joshua Bailey, Alice Guerra, UTSA Professor Dr. Richard Gambitta & wife, Sherri, Sunset Station

The final photos of the Claude Black Heroes Gala @ Sunset Station, March 29th featuring TV reality show host Judge Greg Mathis as guest speaker.

More photos of the Claude Black Heroes Gala with Judge Mathis

L-R: Claude Black's grandon & Host Taj. Matthews, Judge Phil Kazen, Carolina Barrera, judicial nominee Rosie Alvarado & husband, Derrick Hawkins, Judge Peter Sakai, judicial nominee Robeto Rios, State Senator Carlos Uresti, Jo McCall, Lt. Gov. nominee Linda Chavez-Thompson, Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, Councilwoman Ivy Taylor, judicial nominee Jason Pulliam & wife, Judge Rogelio Lopez & wife, SAEN Columnist Bruce Davidson, SAEN Editor Robert Rivard, Stephanie Boyd, Verna Blackwell, Ken Lowe, Christian Archer, Terri Ramos, DA nominee Nico LaHood, Judges Steve Walker (Walker Report Publisher/Editor) Renee McElhaney, Catherine Torres-Stahl, Ernest Acevedo, Michael LaHood & wife, Norma, Karen Crouch & Sol Casseb, judicial run-off candidates Sylvia Lopez & Norma Gonzalez, judicial general election nominees Rosie Alvarado & husband, Derrick Hawkins, Dinorah Diaz, Ina Castillo, Tina Torres, Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, & Roberto Rios, Margie Vela, Trammell Jones, former Councilman Mario Salas, Louie Hidalgo, Paul Smith, Terri Dougherty, & daughter, attendees

More photos of the Claude Black Heroes Gala with featured speaker, syndicated TV reality personality Judge, Greg Mathis who also produces the Judge Pirro Court TV show as well.

Editor's Note: Cases spotlighted in the Courtooms of Judge Judy, Judge Mathis & Judge Pirro are researched in all the Justice of the Peace Courts across the county to include Justice of the Peace Pct. 2 Court. Two producers from the Judge Judy & Judge Mathis shows visit Pct. 2 weekly to look for cases to forward on to Hollywood for dramatic presentation.