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Friday, June 29, 2007

Carlos Guerra Roast makes everybody laugh

L-R: Express-News Columnist Carlos Guerra, former Councilwoman Bonnie Connor, Roastee Carlos Guerra, Roast master & part time Express-News Columnist Victor Landa, Express-News Reporter Tracy Hamilton, Independent Journalist Keli Dailey, Leon Valley Mayor Cris Riley, Former State Rep. Sissy Farenthold & Executive Director SMRF, Diane Wassenich, former SAISD Board Member Mary Ester Bernal & husband former State Senator Joe Bernal, Al Kaufman & Columnist Carlos Guerra, Charlie Riley, attendees, Guerra table, event volunteers, bumper sticker

Columnist Carlos Guerra allowed himself to be the brunt of a Roast to raise money for the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, Thursday, June 28th.

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