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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Choco Meza for Bexar Democratic Party Chair in 2012

Choco Gonzalez Meza Campaign HQ: 1915 Buena Vista . San Antonio, Texas 78207 . 210-881-0770 .
When the Bexar County Democratic Party most needed help, Choco stepped up and said: " I will do it! "

Choco was appointed County Chair on May 17th, 2011 when the Democratic Party had a $200,000 debt, no office, no operating bank account, and the Party was under a steady stream of public criticism and ridicule. Under Choco's
leadership, along with the support of dedicated precinct chairs, volunteers, and almost 300 financial and in-kindsupporters much has been accomplished.

The Party is thriving and united. Listed below is a partial list of the things she has accomplished in the past seven and a half months:
1. Raised over $200,000 to pay the primary debt;
2. Has an operating bank account with a functional operating budget;
3. Keeps an office open weekly at 315 Ninth Street, Suite #3, SA, Texas 78215;
4. Developed a “precinct cluster” project to increase communications with Democratic Voters
5. Has a hardworking primary staff organizing a professional 2012 Democratic Primary;
6. Maintains a monthly meeting quorum (since May 2011);
7. Submits all required financial reports to the appropriate offices and on a timely basis,
8. Organized a strong recruitment effort to increase precinct chairs in key voting precincts;
9. Set up a monthly Club President's meeting to bring together Democrats throughout Bexar County;
10. Established training sessions for Judicial and Non-judicial candidates on legal and financial requirements;
11. Created a professional and respectful meeting environment for precinct chairs & committee meetings;
12. Created a renewed sense of spirit and pride of our Democratic Party throughout Bexar County.

Now Choco needs your help!
Tell Choco how you can he lp her win as Democratic County Chair:
___I can volunteer at your office on: Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Half Day All Day Weekdays only Weekend only
___I prefer to block walk and visit with voters about your leadership and accomplishments.
___I can call voters from the Campaign Office or __ from my home.
___I want my neighbors to meet you at a coffee I can sponsor on: (date & time). ___I have a truck and would love to post signs (yard and/or 4 x 8)
___I will take my Rolodex and a roll of $.29 stamps to sign Friend-to-Friend cards at your office.
___I will get 10 friends to bring their Rolodex and a roll of $.29 stamps to sign Friend-to-Friend cards @ my home.
___I want to volunteer at your fundraisers.
___I want to send you a contribution of $__ to PO Box 12524 San Antonio, Texas 78212.

Message from John Clamp for Tax Assessor Collector

Dear Campaign Supporters,

I am pleased to say that our campaign is off to a great start! With your help, the word is spreading and we are working hard to get our message out. We continue to attend community and neighborhood meetings and are encouraged by all of the positive feedback we are receiving.

Last week, we received the endorsement of the San Antonio Police Officers Association. I am grateful to their board of directors and to the men and women who serve and protect us everyday.

We have also been busy updating our website. You will now find additional information there to include Our Plan for the tax office, as well as helpful county and city Resources and ways you can Contribute to our Campaign.

Over the past three weeks, our email list has grown tremendously. Please help us reach our goal of 25,000 contacts by forwarding this email to your friends and neighbors.

We appreciate your support! Please email me if you would like me to speak to your neighborhood association, business or civic group. Visit

for additional Campaign Updates.


John Clamp

Monday, January 30, 2012

George Antuna comments on Florida Republican Primary

Co-founders, George Antuna, Jr. (photo) and Juan Hernandez, along with Jacob Monty, Hispanic Republicans of Texas board member are available for interview and or comment regarding the Republican primary in Florida being held Tuesday, January 31st.

The GOP primary has covered a gamut of issues from the economy, jobs, education, immigration, etc. As it stands today, Hispanic leaders are disproportionately under-represented as elected officeholders especially as Republicans. Hispanic Republicans of Texas (HRT) has been established to close the gap, build leadership within the Hispanic community and support those who are ready to serve as elected leaders.

HRT is ready to speak about how Republicans are making a difference in its outreach efforts to Hispanic voters and Latinos in the Republican party. HRT will also comment regarding Hispanics and education, jobs, the economy, and immigration.

About The Hispanic Republicans of Texas

Hispanic Republicans of Texas, co-founded by George P. Bush, George Antuna Jr. and Dr. Juan Hernandez, is an organization that works to recruit, elect, support and defend Republican officeholders and candidates for state and local elected offices who share our common values of faith, family, lower taxes, less regulations and less government spending to promote individual prosperity and economic growth in Texas. Membership in the Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC is open to all Texans who are interested in empowering the Hispanic community to leadership in government.

Nelda Carrizales

Pro Life advocates descend on Austin for a Pro-Life Rally

L-R: Gale Sayers with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, Pro-Life particpants, poster

Thousands descended on Austin for a Pro-Life Rally. Photos submitted by Gale Sayers.

Judge Steve Walker talks on truancy on KWEX-41 @ 5 p.m.

KWEX-41 (Univision) covered the Monday morning truancy docket of Judge Steve Walker, January 30th.

KWEX focused on the tutoring program instituted by Judge Walker in the summer dockets. Each student will attend a minimum of 8 hours tutoring for skipping school along with other mandates.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Ask the Judge" Column continues in La Prensa of SA, 1-29

Ask the Judge: Validity of mandated tutoring/book reports in truancy cases
By Judge Steve Walker

In past columns of “Ask the Judge” we addressed the implementation of innovative programs such as mandated tutoring and requiring all truants obtain a public library card and write a two sided book report, on a book they checked out at the public library.

Let’s revisit those two programs in Pct. 2. As the retired teacher of 26 years, I discovered early on as Judge, that both were more viable alternatives to community service. Once implemented, I found them to be a more productive means of re-directing students back to the classroom and finishing their studies. It culminated in them walking the stage with diploma in hand. Following the old adage, “whatever works,” it has proved to be a valuable tool. Besides, it is more educational than punishment oriented.

Critics and detractors point out that writing a book report does nothing to inspire students to return to the classroom. As Judge and former teacher I wholeheartedly disagree. With over one thousand book reports later, it has reaped benefits along with mandated tutoring.

One of the first things I discovered in implementing the book report/public library card was the fact that most truants not only didn’t have a public library card, most had never visited a public library.

Just ensuring that students visit a public library is beneficial. Unlike many of us older folk who in our day visited a public library that only housed rows and rows of books on shelves filled with all size books, the newer public libraries have so much more to offer the student.

Besides books, libraries offer the internet, videos, movies, audio books, exhibits, even social interaction with others your own age and various forms of entertainment that families can share together while at the library.

Mandated tutoring is also a much more viable solution to truancy and even disorderly conduct by public school students. More times than not students disrupt a class because they don’t know the subject material in class and feel inadequate.

They act out because they don’t want their classmates to think they are stupid. Mandating the student to get tutoring in their subjects they don’t do well in, gives them a better self image. They choose the subject. Their choice is very telling. They can justify to their friends that they have to attend tutoring and save face. When they do well with the extra help, they are less likely to disrupt.

In Pct. 2 if the student who skips classes is actually a good student but misses due to boredom or something similar, we mandate that they peer tutor other students. We have seen students going back to school and tutoring their peers in Chemistry, Physics and Algebra! It works.

Lastly as always, if you are due in court, be sure to show up to court on time. It is in everyone’s best interest.

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2 Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran and a former Journalist. 48th consecutive week published in the Sunday issue of La Prensa.

More pix of Dining with Democrats @ Norris Conference, 1-28

L-R: Speaker Sissy Farenthold, former Congressman Ciro Rodriguez with wife, Carolina, Walker Report Publisher/Editor & Judge Steve Walker, State Rep. candidate Tina Torres, Ted Santos, Charlie Cervantes & wife, judicial candidate Rebeca Martinez, Doc Stephens, Barbara Moschner, Judges Ron Rangel & wife, Patsy & Johnny Gabriel, Brian Gerard, Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz with former City Clerk Margaret Montemayor, Sheroff candidate Andy Lopez with wife, Ginger, Chris Frobrich, Kathy Kinder, Geroge Harrison, Randy Bear, Jim Vance, Congressional candidates Patrick Shearer, John Bustamante, & State Rep. Joaquin Castro, Dr. Morris Spector & wife, former Judge Rose Spector, Debrah Spence, Dee Villarrubia, BC young Democrats President Mark Guerra & girlfriend, Danny Meza, Alice Guerra, Judge Karen Pozza, Barbie Scharf-Zeldes & husband, Adam Zeldes, NE Democrats President John Courage, Speaker Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller, Congressional candidate & State Rep. Pete Gallego, Pastor rRsa Wilson, Norris Conference Centers

More photos of the "Dining with Democrats" Gala @ Wonderland of the Americas @ the Norris Conference Center in Balcones Heights, January 28th.