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Friday, March 31, 2017

Mayoral candidate Manuel Medina Fundraiser @ La Cantinita, 3-31

 Mayoral candidate Manuel Medina with wife, Janeth, with young supporter, with singer Isabelle Sanchez, Janeth Medina with supporter, with Isabelle Sanchez CAIR spokeswoman Sarwat Husain, with another supporter, Gloria Uribe, Salah Ibrahim, Adam Ortiz, supporters, sign

You are invited to Kickoff Fiesta with Sheriff Javier Salazar, 4-12

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dining with Democrats hosted by NEBCDems @ Aggie park, 3-30

Robert Vargas, Sarah Salazar & Mayoral candidate Manuel Medina, MaryHelen Veliz, James Lucas,Bryan Gerard, former Selective Service Director Larry Romo, William B. Johnson. Margaret Richardson, Doc Owens & wife, Ellen, Ian Straus, Zack Lyke, Rudy Morales, Mary Angie Garcia, Judge Ron Rangel, Jerry Olivarri, Richard Barber, District 9 CC candidate John Courage & wife, Zada, Dee Villarubia with friend, Dr. Laura Mery & husband, Judge Michael Mery, Judge Catherine Torres-StahlSarah Salazar, Judge John Longoria, Tom Wakely, Cary Clack, Barbie Adkisson, Debbie Garcia, Madeleine Dewar, Bob & Joann Comeaux, Fidel Castillo, former Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, Judge Peter Sakai, attendees, Commissioner Tommy Calvert, Teresa Nina, former Selective Service Director Larry Romo