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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

E Marketing Seminar benefits "Benevolence Works"

L-R: Benevolence Works CEO Linda Hartman, presenter Chris Day, organizer Joe Solis, Congressional District 23 Republican Primary candidate Quico Canseco, SA Symphony Rep. Carolyn Bacon, Sue Schaefer, Jim Odom, presenter Cesar D'Onofrio, Benevolence Works volunteer Brenda Sanders, Tina Guerrero, Ray Edinger, Jim Odom, attendees,

An integrated E-Marketing seminar was held at San Antonio Technical Center (SATC) on Magic Drive, Tuesday, July 31st.

The seminar trained participants on how to effectively use email and the web to build business and personal customer relationships.

The proceeds benefit Benevolence Works, established as a social non-profit in the spring of 2007. Benevolence Works CEO Linda Hartman says, her non-profit offers payee services to those on Social Security and Social Security Disability, "as well as those on pensions who are in need of our service."

In December 2008, Benevolence Works will move to its offices in the newly built Haven of Hope, a city-wide initiative to help the homeless and others in need of a helping hand. Benevolence Works will offer referral service to clients who wish to pursue other ways to enhance their quality of life.

Currently, Benevolence works is located at 110 McCullough Ave, Office 1, near near the heart of downtown San Antonio. Website: direct email:

Poetry & Potluck in the Round coming Sept. 15th

L-R: Artwork at Sculptures Dominion on Vance Jackson

Poetry & Potluck in the Round will be held Saturday, September 15th from 5-9 p.m. at Sculptures Dominion, 11356 Vance Jackson.

People are encouraged to bring a food dish to share, an appetite for poetry and enjoy open mike and Art in the Park. Part of the event revolves around a contest where 10 selected poets will participate in a poetry contest.

Those interested: send an email with a brief bio to: or (4-5 sentences) and a poem that expresses your passion for art or your connection to any kind of art.

To be considered, you must send in your bios and poem by August 20th. 10 contestants will participate in the contest at the Scultures Dominion. Contestants will have a limited time to write their poem, polish it and come to the mike to share it.

The whole idea is to try to connect to the collective unconscious and allow it (the process) to happen.

This is perhaps a different way of writing a poem.

Wurzbach Group draws businessmen to Orderup

L-R: Speaker Dr. Alan Preston, Wurzbach Group Founder Joe Solis, Benevolence Works CEO Linda Hartman who introduced the guest speaker, Our Lady of the Lake University Rep. Robert & Harvest Fellowship Christian Church Elder Sandy Ingrsoll, Orderup sign, Community in Schools co-ordinator Ilsa Garcia, Linda Hartman, Neighborhood News Rep. Robert Rodriguez & friends, Editor of "the Poet" Magazine, Salome Salter, Joe Solis, Dr. Lorna Edelman, former Councilwoman Elena Guajardo, Quico Canseco Chief of Staff Kyle Whatley & Republican Primary candidate for the 23rd Congressional District Quico Canseco, Republican Primary candidate for Bexar County Sheriff, 2008, Chris Milam, Chris Milam political sign, brochure, business cards, Benevolence Works volunteer Brenda Sanders & Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2, Pl. 1 candidate & former Balcones Heights Councilman Steve Walker

The Wurzbach Networking Group featured Dr. Alan Preston, Synergyst President & CEO as guest speaker at the July 31st, meeting at Orderup in the Colonnade off Wurzbach Road .
The free event was sponsored by Orderup, The Walker Report & Florame at North Star Mall. The Wurzbach Group is a part of the Latino Breakfast Club organization founded by Joe Solis.