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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Wisdom of Compromise ad by MATT.Org

Lionel Sosa (photo)
Exec. Dir. MATT.Org

Mexicans & Americans Thinking Together (MATT) ran a full page ad in the San Antonio Express-News, Thursday, June 7th with the headline, "The Wisdom of Compromise."

It read in part..."Let's use it wisely to address immigration now." It also read "...The Senate must pass a good bill so the House of Representatives can consider the issue and together, move forward. Only by compromising can we hope to get a grip on illegal immigration."

MATT.Org listed five points:

  • Secure the borders
  • Enforce the laws
  • Match legal workers with jobs
  • Treat human and family issues with sensitivity
  • Help immigrants become Americans

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