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Monday, March 31, 2008

"Bloggers on the Right" meet recently in Austin to network

Three "Bloggers on the Right," include: New Media Director in D.C. Eric Telford, Americans for Prosperity Director Peggy Venable, Lone Star Report Editor Will Lutz, at the first meeting in Austin recently

You may or may not know that Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is helping to get conservative bloggers networked. This is an idea that, while quite overdue, is proving to be a challenging but rewarding task.

We’ve identified nearly 50 Texas-based bloggers thus far and, after several meetings and conference calls, have determined that there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for this blogging on the right project.

Our working name thus far is RightOnline. We are really excited to have widespread participation and support! More information will be forthcoming.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to speak in SA

Newt Gingrich (photo)
Former Speaker of the House

I seek your support for my friend, Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Michael Williams, as he welcomes his friend, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, to Texas. Please join me from 8:00 am to 9:30 am on Tuesday April 1, 2008 for a breakfast reception honoring Chairman Williams at the Palacio Hotel in San Antonio.

I support Michael's campaign for reelection and I hope you will, too. Michael has been a leader on issues that affect the Texas business community in his role as a regulator of Texas' energy industry.

As chairman of the state agency responsible for regulating Texas' energy industry, Michael Williams is an experienced leader who understands issues that affect the state's economy. Michael has led the charge in the oil and gas industry by, as he likes to say, regulating with a little "r", not a big "R", and regulating when he has to, not simply because he wants to.

But Michael also understands that we are at a turning point in our history, which requires us to be smart about where we get our energy and how we use it. That's why he is leading Texas' efforts to accelerate the development of Texas' alternative transportation fuels market and develop pro-growth solutions to our growing electricity needs.

These sort of innovations in energy cannot be developed without bright minds and America is lagging behind China and India in producing engineers, scientists and mathematicians. Michael is taking on that challenge by calling for a renewal of our focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Texas classrooms.

Further, Michael has said time and time again that this is more than a reelection campaign. It is a campaign to recapture, restore and revitalize our conservative spirit. As an elected Republican leader, Michael is taking on the responsibility of helping our Party remember who we are and what we stand for. He has a passion for motivating, inspiring and encouraging others into action. If we are going to win in November, our voters must be inspired to act with their vote.

And Michael can inspire our voters like few others can.I hope you will support Michael Williams' reelection campaign by joining us for a reception in his honor with special guest former Speaker Newt Gingrich. Grassroots supporters are invited to attend for $50. Please join us tomorrow morning.


Joe Solis

Cystic Fibrosis announces positive results on clinical trials

Hugh Farr (photo)
Executive Director
Local CF Chapter

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Announces Positive Early Results for Phase 2 Clinical Trial of VX-770 – an Oral Compound to Treat CF

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation announced today that VX-770, an oral drug in development that targets a basic defect in CF, showed promising results in an ongoing Phase 2a clinical trial for patients who carry the G551D mutation of CF. The drug is being developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated.

Patients who took the drug for 14 days showed significant improvements in several key indicators of cystic fibrosis, including lung function, nasal potential difference measurements and sweat chloride levels. The findings suggest that VX-770 improves function of what is known as the faulty CFTR protein. This early data is promising and could have important implications for studies of other drugs in development.

For more of the story, click the link.

18-year-old wants to be a Texas Democratic delegate

David Colunga, (photo) an 18-year-old Democrat says he wants to be a State & National Delegate. The O'Conner High School student says he feels qualified to be a delegate.

David lists his credentials as:
  • Top 5 % in graduating class of 7,434
  • Plans to study Political Science in college
  • Been accepted to Rice University, University of Rochester. American University in D.C. & University of Texas
  • Awaiting word from Harvard & Brown University
  • Volunteer at precinct convention by signing up delegates and delegate count
  • Member of French National Honor Society, National Honor Society
  • Outstanding Awards in Academic Excellence during State French Symposium Competition, Bronze Medal in Prose
  • Academic Excellence in Chemistry
  • Member of O'Connor HS Swim Team (4 yrs Varsity)
  • O'Conner ater Polo team (3-yr. Varsity)
  • Second Team All-region for Water Polo in 2007
  • Team Captain for both swimming and water polo team
  • Most Valuable Swimmer in 2006 for Aalmo Area Aquatics Association
  • Weekends serve as lifeguard for NSISD
  • Well-liked and the "go to guy"
David Colunga

The Fight is Not Over!, says local parents in SAISD

Michelle Reyes (photo)
Concerned Parent

Joined concerned families and community members and call the San Antonio ISD Superintendent Dr. Robert Duron and tell him it is inefficient and ineffective to bus out hundreds of students in the district to bus in a few students from around the city for selective specialty schools.

It is inefficient to displace hundreds of student from learning in their neighborhood schools only to use those buidings for more bureaucratic district offices.

All our children deserve high expectations, not a select few.

Visit the SAISD Website:

JP Pct. 1 candidate hosts dance to get out the vote in Southside

L:-R: Supporter & Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1 candidate & Harlandale ISD Board Member Tomas Uresti, campaign manager and daughter, Racquel, oldest brother Albert & his granddaughter, Harlandale ISD Board member Jay Alaniz, former JP canidate and Uresti supporter Cass Espinoza, attendees, musicans & dancers, Post #9186 on VFW Way

Justice of thePeace, Pct. 1 candidate Tomas Uresti hosted a get out the vote dance, @ VFW #9186, Sunday evening, March 30th.

Wurzbach Group hosts Cystic Fibrosis Exec. Dir. Hugh Farr

L-R: Guest Speaker, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Executive Director Hugh Farr, Walker Report Blogger & Wurzbach Group Founder Joe Solis, Terry Negley, Robert Rodriguez, Tito Moreno, Danny Rodriguez, Robert Vasquez, Jane Briggs, manager, participants

The monthly meeting of the Wurzbach Group hosted Cystic Fibrosis CEO Hugh Farr as guest speaker, Monday, March 31st.