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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Anti-protesters protest protesters protesting Atty!!

L-R: Southside Civil Rights Activist "Landis" and female friend lead the anti-protesters, Tony Mandujano in Army cap, anti-protesters

A small group of anti-protesters protested on one side of San Pedro Avenue against those who were protesting on the other side of San Pedro against the incarceration of border patrols agents who were convicted of violating the civil rights of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

While the Minutemen drew a crowd of over 150 demonstators, the anti protesters numbered less than two dozen.

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Anonymous said...

Just FYI - the only violence that occurred at Saturday's demonstration: a lone-wolf minuteman supporter crossed San Perdo Ave and attempted to use intimidation tactics on anti-minutemen protestors. The result? An Anti-Minuteman protestor ended up with a busted lip and the "Patriot" got a taste of American Justice. God bless the USA...