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Monday, March 31, 2014

Small crowd turns out to honor Cesar Chavez the Veteran, 3-31

L-R: March Banner, Jaime Martinez speaking, interviewing with Telemundo 60 Reporter Ciro Villarreal, Gabe Velaquez addressing the crowd with Jaime Martinez & Tony Mandujano and son, Tony Jr. in the background,  Tony Mandujano Jr. & Senior with speaker & Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker, speaker & Brown Beret Esmeraldo Prineda, Tony Mandujano Jr., Telemundo Reporter Ciro Villarreal, Maria Lopez, Libertarian County Judge candidate & videographer Rhett Smith, participants, Univision 41 Photgrapher, Brown Berets logo, & Univison 41 & Telemundo 60 vans, Cesar Chavez as a Navy member, Chavez stamp (poster) flage before City Hall as supporters honor Cesar Chavez as a Navy Veteran

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lt. Guv. candidate & Senator van de Putte takes bus tour, 3-30

L-R: Lt. Guv. candidate & Senator Leticia van de Putte, getting on the bus, with Firefighters Union Legis. Dir. Nathan Alonzo, waiting to be introduced, speaking to the large crowd, mother Belle Ortiz, daughter Vanessa & other family members to include children, grandchildren, brother & sisters, Firefighters Legis. Dir. Nathan Alonzo with Judge Ray Olivarri, Judge Tina Torres with mother, Debbie Garza with friend, judicial candidate Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, Elaine Guajardo, Shelley Potter & husband, Bexar County AFL-CIO President Tom Cummins,  Louie Hidalgo, Stacey Mazuca, Ana Ramon, Dan Barrett, Joe Jesse Sanchez & wife, Minnie, Texas Stonewall Democrats Chair Dan Graney, Louis Barrios & wife, Laura Barbena & Bexar County Democratic Party Primary Director Diana Arevalo, former Judge Al Alonzo & wife, Maria Elena Torralvo, State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, with Theresa Vale, Bexar County Young Tejano Democrats President Carlos DeLeon & Silvana, Judge Ray Olivarri, Bob Comeaux, Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller, Jesse Garcia,  Benny Hilario, wife, Verna Blackwell-Hilario & her father, Joel Mayer, Danny Meza & wife, former Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Choco Meza, former State Senator Joe Bernal, supporters, flags, Firefighters Union Hall, van de Putte bus for the 9 day tour of 15 Texas cities.
Link to Senator Leticia van de Putte's speech @ Fire Fighters Union Hall.