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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween at American Legion with Democrats

1st Row: Judicial candidates Catherine Torres-Stahl, Barbie Scharf-Zeldes

2nd Row: Judicial candidates Milton Fagin & Eddie De La Garza

3rd Row: Roberto Rodriguez, Barbie Scharf-Zeldes

4th Row: Catherine Torres-Stahl, Eddie De La Garza

5th Row:Jose Gallegos, dressed up Democrat

6th Row: Sylvia Kappelman, Lorraine Brady, cake

7th Row: Milton Fagin & Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Carla Vela,

8th Row: RosaLinda De La Garza, cake

9th Row: Angie Garcia

10th Row: Nick Pena & Leon Hernandez, event co-chairs

Democrat Stephen Colley to host fundraiser

Stephen Colley (photo)
Edwards Aquifer Board candidate

Long time Democrat Stephen Colley is hosting a fundraiser Friday, November 3rd, from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. at Beto's, 8142 Broadway. (Between Sunset & Loop 410)

Colley is a candidate for the Edwards Aquifer Board, Distict 1. Challenging an incumbent with financial deep pockets who advocates further development over the recharge zone, Colley is mounting an uphill battle.

Colley's platform includes efforts to include strong measures to protect water quality at the recharge zone.

Colley says he needs to get a final set of postcards in the hands of residents of the district and is asking for support. He points out that the fundraiser is a combination of fundraising and Get Out The Vote.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Victory Party at Democratic Hq. on Nov. 7th

There will be a Victory Celebration at the Bexar County Democratic Party Headquarters, 3010 N. St. Mary's after the polls close on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th.

All elected officials and candidates are invited to watch the returns with grassroots Democrats, poll workers and Democratic supporters. Food & drinks will be provided.

For more information call the Bexar County Democratic Party Headquarters at 785-0962.

Vote early, vote early, vote early

Local Toll Party endorses Democrats

Top Row: District 117 State Rep. David Leibowitz, Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
2nd Row: David Van Os, candidate for Attorney General, State Rep. District 122 candidate Larry Stallings
3rd Row: State Rep. District 118 candidate Joe Farias, Congressional District 21 candidate John Courage

Attorney General –David Van Os (D)
US Congress Dist. 21 –John Courage (D)
Bexar Cty Com. –Tommy Adkisson (D)
State Rep. Dist. 117 - David Leibowitz (D)
State Rep., Dist. 118 – Joe Farias (D)

We list Good Guy or Bad Guy in clear-cut, contested races, and when the candidates had very similar positions, we assigned them a grade. The Good Guy list only records those candidates who submitted a completed questionnaire.

Good Guys/Gals:
Ag Com. - Hank Gilbert (D)
Land Com. - Valinda Hathcox (D)
US Con. Dist. 21 - John Courage (D)
US Con. Dist. 23 - Lukin Gilliland (D)
St Senate Dist. 25 - Kathi Thomas (D)
St. Rep., Dist. 122 - Larry Stallings (D)

Bad Guys:
Ag Com. - Todd Staples (R)
RR Com. - Elizabeth Ames Jones (R)
St. Senate, Dist. 25 - Jeff Wentworth (R)
St. Rep., Dist. 121 - Joe Straus (R)
St. Rep., Dist. 122 - Frank Corte (R)

GOTV Phone Bank is active

Glen Maxey (photo)
Statewide Coordinator

Anyone wishing to make calls for Chris Bell, or any statewide, district or local candidate can do so NOW.

The problem: Few people know about it. Do you have a volunteer list? An email newsletter list? It's time to send them an email and tell them about this exciting new tool available in EVERY precinct in Texas .

Go to:

Click on the link in the golden box, pick a candidate, pick a precinct, and begin making Get Out the Vote Calls! By following the links, you can pick the candidate, and the precinct to make GOTV calls.

Please check and see if your local candidates are listed. If not, send us a simple list of the office sought, Democratic Candidate name, Republican Candidate name. We'll get them added! Any person with a computer and a phone can make calls using this system. If we turn out the Democrats and other targeted voters listed, Democrats will win.

This is how we win elections: Getting Out the Vote!

Radnofsky debuts rail safety commerical

Barbara Ann Radnofsky (photo)
Texas Senatorial candidate

Radnofsky is releasing a rail safety commercial Nov. 2nd while hammering her opponent's refusal to properly assess rail safety risks and act.

"While my opponent wages her war of choice in Iraq, she has ignored rail security and safety, lifting not a finger while Welded Rail and Tank Safety Act S 763 lies dormant. Special interests, contributing heavily to her campaign, have silenced calls for safety and security on our rails."

Radnofsky's rail safety campaign TV commercial, is now viewable at, and debuts on Nov. 2 in San Antonio and runs up to the election.

“San Antonio has been the site of train derailments and is vulnerable, like so many U.S. cities, to train accidents and sabotage. Two weeks ago, a San Antonio derailment highlighted the need for action, as residents recalled a June 2004 derailment spewing killer chlorine at many thousands of times higher than fatal levels. The most recent wreck occurred close to downtown San Antonio. Experts say that if chlorine had been involved, residents would have had only minutes to live and little or no hope of escape.

"S 763 would require appropriate design standards for pressurized tank cars, would rank and eliminate the highest risks from pre-1989 tank cars, require track owners to improve rail joint bar crack identification, and require federal track inspection and monitoring improvement."

My opponent has refused to work to get the bill passed. Why? She is a tool of rail special interests who are her heavy campaign donors, and they want no government regulation. She is cynically not considering the risk to the public versus the benefit to her donors.”

The latest Radnofsky commercial uses the now-famous sock puppet and describes Radnofsky's opponent as a puppet of special interests, ending with a red circle with a bar over the face of the long-lashed, blonde wigged puppet.

This is Radnofsky's third TV commercial to feature the puppet, who also makes a guest appearance with her handler on the recent post-debate webcast at Radnofsky says that the puppet and handler have been recognized in public several times since the commercials first aired.

Fundraiser for Ciro Rodriguez-Nov. 3rd

Ciro Rodriguez (photo)
Congressional District 23 candidate

Gilbert & Erika Hizel will host a fundraiser for Congressional District 23 candidate Ciro Rodriguez, from 6-8 p.m., Friday, November 3rd at their home, 406 Stone Wood Ct. in the Woodlands of Camino Real, off Bitters, West of 281.

R.S.V.P. 490-8773 or 859-4881

Contribution levels: $200, $500, $1,000, $2,100.

Checks can be made out to Ciro D. Rodriguez for Congress Committe, P.O. Box 14528, San Antonio, Texas 78214.

Judge Monica Guerrero needs poll workers

Judge Monica Guerrero (photo)
County Court #7

We need you to work a poll for Judge Monica Guerrero, County Court #7.

We are in need of volunteers to work the polls on November 7th, Election Day! We have a list of priorty precincts that we would like to request volunteers, or if you would like to work your own precincts.

We are hoping to have volunteers work a 2-4 hour shift (although, any time you can volunteer would be greatly appreciated), with early morning and evening shifts being preferred, as so many voters go before and after work.

If you would like to volunteer, please reply to this e.mail with your information, the time you would like to volunteer and location of your precinct or if you would like us to provide you with one. Your time and dedication is greatly appreciated and very much needed.

Additionally, join us Saturday, November 4th at 3 p.m. at the Law Offices of Rochelle Acevedo, 1422 Buena Vista, to sign up for a poll and pick up your campaign materials. We will have food , refreshments and, of course, good company.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and dedication!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sakai scores touchdown during Cowboy game

Peter Sakai, 225th District Court Judge candidate & Alice Guerra, Sakai political consultant

A political ad touting 225th District Court candidate Peter Sakai's experience as a juvenile Judge and proven experience handling over 36-thousand cases, ran during halftime of the Dallas Cowboy vs Carolina Panthers NFL Sunday Night game.

According to Alice Guerra, Sakai's political consultant in charge of television ads, "the ad was very powerful and shows Peter Sakai as an experienced vs. potential jurist in his race for the 225th District Court."

Guerra noted that Sakai's opponent lacks the amount of experience needed to handle the volume of cases that come before the 225th.

She also pointed out that an estimated 21 percent of the local Sunday night viewing audience was tuned into the game.

The ad stressed that Peter Sakai needs no learning curve for the bench and that the San Antonio Express-News endorses Sakai as a more than qualified candidate.

Small group photo of candidates at Saturday Rally

Front Row: Probate Court #2 candidate Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, County Court #6 candidate Ray Olivarri, 4th Court of Appeals, Place 7 candidate Eddie De La Garza, 224th District Court candidate Gloria Saldana, 4th Court of Appeals, Place 4 candidate Dan Pozza, 144th District Court candidate Carleton Spears
Back Row: County Clerk candidate Tim Ybarra, County Court #3 Judge David Rodriguez, County Court #1 Judge Al Alonso, District 124 State Rep. Jose Menendez, Congressional District 21 candidate John Courage

An additional smaller candidate group shot at the Democratic Rally at Crossroads Mall, Saturday, October 28th.

Candidates not in photo but present at the rally included: State Senate Dist. 25 candidate Kathi Thomas, 285th District Court candidate Milton Fagin, County Court #4 Judge Karen Crouch, State Rep. Dist. 122 Larry Stallings, 4th Court of Appeals, Place 3 Richard Garcia, 45th District Court Judge Barbara Nellermoe, & District Clerk Margaret Montemayor.

Gen. Wesley Clark endorses Lukin Gilliland

Lukin Gilliland (photo)
Congressional District 23 candidate

General Wesley Clark Endorses Lukin Gilliland
Citing “Common Sense Solutions for Texans”
Clark says, “ Texas Needs a Leader Like Lukin Gilliland”

General Wesley Clark endorses the candidacy of Lukin Gilliland for Congress in Texas ’s 23rd Congressional District.

General Clark said, “Today American families face many difficult challenges at home and abroad. There has never been a time when foreign affairs were as closely linked to the daily lives of Texans as they are now. We are fighting the causes of terrorism that threaten our homes and we must prepare for a changing global economy that demands that America train our people to compete for the highest paying jobs.

“ Texas is home to thousands of military families who deserve a partner in Washington who respects their daily challenges and sacrifices. That partner will be Lukin Gilliland whose common sense, businesslike approach to pubic service is needed to resist a reckless, free-spending Congress up in Washington . I am pleased to endorse him today.

“With a strong perspective as a native Texan, a successful businessman, and rancher, Lukin upholds strong moral convictions and American values that are much needed in today’s government. Lukin Gilliland will represent Texas ’s 23rd District by standing up for small businesses, good government, and working families.

“In voting for Lukin Gilliland, Texans have an opportunity to turn things around now before it’s too late. To change politics-as-usual, we have to vote for someone besides the usual politicians.”

General Wesley K. Clark is a retired four-star general and served as the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe where he commanded NATO forces and directed Operation Allied Force in the Balkans, putting a stop to the ethnic cleansing by the Serbs.

More recently, he was drafted in 2003 to seek the Democratic nomination for President. General Clark remains engaged in public policy and private business development. Authoring two books, Waging Modern Wars and Winning Modern Wars, he and his wife, Gert, still live in Little Rock . He can be reached through his website,

Jose Menendez to hold press conference-Oct. 30th

Jose Menendez (photo)
State Rep. Dist. 124

State Representative Jose Menendez (D) San Antonio, will hold a press conference at the Northside Activity Center Early Voting site, located at Loop 410 and Culebra at 10AM Monday, October 30th.

Rep. Menendez is very concerned over a report from a constituent who revealed a disturbing case of not being able to verify her ballot choices before pressing the red "VOTE" button when she cast her ballot at 4:30 p.m. last Thursday.

Rose Mary Mena wanted to be sure the candidates she had checked on the ballot were in fact what the ballot review was recording but was unable to do so easily. Even with the assistance of an election official it took numerous attempts to verify her candidate slate.

"Electronic voting is a big improvement in many ways", stated Menendez. "But there is a major flaw and that is the lack of any sort of a paper trail to assure the individual voter their choices were properly recorded and also for election officials to address vote challenges when required".

Menendez's primary concern is that every voter should have complete confidence in that their vote is accurately recorded. He has spoken with Bexar County election administrator Jacquelyn Callanen who indicates she would support a paper trail system.

Menendez intends to make this a matter of legislative action in the upcoming session begining January 2007. "I want to very strongly urge every registered voter to go to the polls and exercise their right to vote" Menendez continued.

"I would also encourage every voter to carefully review the ballot choice they made before they take the last "push to vote" step in the process. Anyone who finds a discrepancy should do exactly as Rose Mena did and demand an election site official assist them".

For Additional Information Contact Don Jones at 473-1519.

Pct. Chair Rally & Costume Party-Halloween night

Leon Hernandez (photo)
Event Co-Chair

The Bexar County Democratic Party will host a Precinct Chair Rally and Costume Party, Tuesday, October 31st, at 7 p.m., at the American Legion Post #2, 3518 Fredericksburg Road.

According to Co-Chair Leon Hernandez, "Come dressed to win one of three $25 prizes for the best costume."

Co-Chair Nick Pena says, "Munchies wil be provides and a cash bar is available."

For more information contact: Leon Hernandez at 349-0245 or Nick Pena at 367-3883.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

DemVets endorse Chris Bell at Veteran's rally

Larry Romo addressing veteran rally with State Rep. Carlos Uresti at VFW Post 4815 (photo)
Texas DemVets Chair

The Texas Democratic Veterans proudly endorse our next Governor of Texas, Chris Bell.

Chris Bell is a true advocate for veterans and their families. Bell understands the issues facing Texas Veterans and has clearly indicated his support of common sense solutions to the difficulties today’s veterans face.

Chris Bell supports protecting our military families from unscrupulous payday lenders by capping interest rates in areas around military bases. Chris Bell supports an enhancement of the Hazelwood Act, which will allow veterans to pass their education benefit on to their children.

Chris Bell believes strongly in securing the financial security of Texas veterans and their families, and has called for the state to pay the life insurance premiums of members of the Texas National Guard serving in active federal duty in combat zones.

Chris Bell will use his congressional experience and work with our Texas congressional delegation to restore VA services at the Kerrville VA Hospital and help get a VA hospital for our South Texas Veterans.

Chris Bell is the son of a World War II veteran and understands the sacrifice made by veterans and their families for Texas and our great country. Chris Bell truly understands service before self and is committed to excellence. The Texas Democratic Veterans asks all Texans to join us in voting for Chris Bell.

Lawrence Romo -- San Antonio; Alex Trejo-- Vice-Chair/Membership Harlingen;
Charlie Jones—Treasurer San Antonio; Craig Caldwell--Secretary Rusk;
Les Rosenblatt –Parliamentarian Woodlands; Elgie Clayton --SGT at Arms Emory;
Daniel Clayton--Vice-Chair/Communications Dallas; Steve Walker--San Antonio; Vice Chair Administration
Dennis Ferguson--Vice-Chair/Political Outreach Garland

Democrats hold Saturday rally at Crossroads Mall

Top Row: Al Alonzo signs, Judge David Rodriguez
2nd Row: Larry Noll signs, 4th Court candidate Richard Garcia
3rd Row: Gina & District Clerk Margaret Montemayor, District Judge candidate Carleton Spears
4th Row: State Senate Dist. 25 candidate Kathi Thomas & Judy Hall, Gerald Flores & wife, Judge Karen Crouch
5th Row: 4th Court candidate Eddie De La Garza, & State Rep. candidate Larry Stallings
6th Row: Probate Court #2 candidate Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, State Rep. Jose Menendez

Candidates rally at Crossroads Mall-Oct. 28th

Front Row: Judge Karen Crouch, Gina Guerrero, (Judge Monica's mom) District Judge candidate Larry Noll
2nd Row: State Senate Dist. 25 candidate Kathi Thomas, Probate Court #2 candidate Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, County Court candidate Ray Olivarri, 4th Court candidate Eddie De La Garza, District Court candidate Gloria Saldana, 4th Court candidate Dan Pozza, District Court Carleton Spears, State Rep. Dist. 122 candidate Larry Stallings
Top Row: County Clerk candidate Tim Ybarra, County Court Judge David Rodriguez, County Court Judge Al Alonso, State Rep. Jose Menendez, Congressional District 21 candidate John Courage

Candidates speak at Uresti Veteran's Rally

Top Row: State Senate Dist. 19 candidate Carlos Uresti, State Rep. Jose Menendez
2nd Row: Judical candidate Carleton Spears, Yolanda Uresti
3rd Row: Judical candiate Peter Sakai with AFL-CIO president Alicia Garza, 4th Court of Appeals candidate Lauro Bustamante
4th Row: Judge Barbara Hanson Nellermoe, Chris Bell
5th Row: Judical candiate RayOlivarri
6th Row:
Texas DemVets Chair Larry Romo, Congressional District 23 candidate Albert Uresti
7th Row: State Rep. Dist. candidate 118 Joe Farias, Judicial candiate Catherine Torres-Stahl
8th Row:Congressional District 23 candidate Lukin Gilliland, Judicial candidate Larry Noll
9th Row: Ag. Commissioner candiate Hank Gilbert

VFW Post 4815 hosted the Saturday, October 28th event.