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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Diane Cibrian wins overwhelmingly in runoff

L-R: District 8 Councilwoman-Elect Diane Cibrian hugging her daughter, Cristina, Campaign Manager Marina Gonzalez, Express-News Reporter Laura Jesse, Cleo Rodriguez & Elaine Guajardo, Diane & Cristina Cibrian and the girls, supporters, Kim Bowers & daughter, John Bozada & Gerardo Menacha, Cibrian nieces, the girls, Cleo Rodriguez & Cristina Cibrian, Michael Shackleford & the gang, victory party at the Fajita Taco Place on DeZavala

District 8 Council candidate Diane Cibrian is now Councilwoman-Elect. The 42-year-old consultant will be sworn into office, June 22nd at City Hall.

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