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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Commissioner Adkisson lauds R. G. Griffing

The following letter from Commissioner Tommy Adkisson to R.G. Griffing, editor of the San Antonio Lightning was posted on the front page of the San Antonio Lightning, Wednesday, February 28th. Here it is in its entirety.

An Open Letter to the Lightning

County Commish Tommy Adkisson Offers Thanks To RG Griffing & CA Stubbs

Dear RG:

Thank you (and CA Stubbs) for taking the time to calculate the number of ways we can save money in our community through government!

There is not a day that goes by where I am not attempting to limit the unnecessary expenditures of significant monies for Bexar County. While the task of attempting a sophisticated guess is not terribly difficult, the task of achieving savings is a very worthy one and one upon which I would be delighted to share with you our County’s progress in the near future.

Some achievements will appeal to certain constituents and others will appeal to a different group. All efforts made may be unacceptable to still others. In the end, it takes a certain amount of money to finance the operation of government. The fundamental debate is about how much and what is to be given priority.

The Irish saying comes to mind, “Lord the ocean is so large and my boat so small.” RG and CA, I look forward to keeping you posted on my progress.

Tommy Adkisson
Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 4

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Lourdes Galvan to officially file for office-District 5

Lourdes Galvan (photo)
SA Council candidate for District 5

Lourdes Galvan thanks each and everyone for their support and prayers. She urgently needs your support, March 1st at 3 p.m. at the old City Hall where she will file her candidacy for Councilwomn District 5.

We can meet at the Guadalupe Coffee Shop at 2:30 p.m. or at 3 at the old City Hall. Afterward we will be at at the Guadalupe Coffee Shop for Pan Dulce and coffee.

For more information, please call 300-6516, (Lourdes) 843-7708, (Gabe) or 373-6404. (Maria)

Let's Unify

Justin Rodriguez to open headquarters, Mar. 3rd

Justin Rodriguez (photo)
District 7 Council candidate

Dear Friends,

Thank you again for your support of my campaign for change in District 7. We continue to work hard each and every day to make you proud. Our block walking efforts last weekend were fantastic and the responses continue to be very positive. To date, we have knocked on well over 4,500 doors in the District. And we are just beginning.

I am excited to announce the opening of our Campaign Headquarters (HQ) at 2712 Hillcrest (just south of Babcock) in the heart of District 7. Please join me and my family at our Campaign HQ Open House this Saturday, March 3 2007 at 9:30 a.m. Come enjoy breakfast tacos, juice and coffee. We will also have campaign bumper stickers, buttons and t-shirts on hand.

Most importantly, we hope that you will stay and join us for block walking after the event. Any time you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,
Justin Rodriguez

Elena Guajardo discusses issues with neighbors

L-R: Cenobio & Angie Martinez talk with Councilwoman Elena Guajardo, Elena poses with neighbors

Councilwoman District 7 Elena Guajardo, met with neighbors that live in the Donaldson Terrace, Jefferson and University Park areas, Tuesday, February 27th at Evita's Restaurant on St. Cloud.

She discussed the upcoming $550 million bond issue. She specifically outlined the Parks, Streets and Drainage Projects that would directly impact the nearby neighborhoods.

She also spent some time discussing streets and sidewalk projects that were to begin soon.

"Great Conversation" sponsored by UTSA, raises 131-thousand dollars in scholarships

L-R: UTSA President Richardo Romo, Dan Corbett, Mayor Raul Salinas of Laredo, SA City Mgr. Sheryl Sculley & attorney Jane Macon, Ernesto Ancira, Judge Barbara Nellermoe, Alice & Andrew Guerra, Gloria Uribe & Donna, Ms. Ramirez & Major General (ret) Freddie Valenzuela, Balcones Heights Councilman Steve Walker & former SA Councilwoman Bonne Conner, check

The 7th Annual "Great Conversation" event sponsored by UTSA, raised 131-thousand dollars for scholarships, Tuesday, February 27th at the Institute of Texan Cultures. Sixty-five tables of ten people each filled the area for an opportunity to visit and iscuss the issues of the day.

Over 600 people attended the event.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

UTSA sponsors "Great Conversation" at the Institute of Texan Cultures-Feb. 27th

L-R: Judge Peter Sakai, State Rep. Frank Corte, Express-News columnists Rebecca Chapa & Bruce Davidson, Former SA Mayor Lila Cockrell & friend, UTSA student ushers & reception desk volunteers, Ann Fitzbibbons, Dr. Harriet Romo, Bill Fitzgibbons, podium, Sakai table, Good Conversation

Great Conversation is an annual event sponsored by UTSA, now in its 7th year at the Institute of Texan Cultures. Dr. Harriet Romo served as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the event.

The evening was arranged much like a dinner party with great conversation as its focus. Tables are set to seat ten, and a different conversation topic is assigned to each table in advance. Each table has a leader, either a faculty member or a prominent member of the community with special expertise on the topic.

Guests are almost always seated at a table featuring one of their three top choices of topics. A buffet supper was served, and the sobre mesa began with coffee and dessert.

According to records for last year, almost 500 guests attended the 6th annual Great Conversation!, in February of 2006. This year, the goal was to host 600 people who would participate in 65 different conversations about business, the arts, culture, health and medicine, education, current events and more.

Cisneros to file at City Hall, Thursday, March 1st

Mary Alice Cisneros will officially file for City Council District 1, Thursday, March 1st at City Hall, 100 Military Plaza at 12 :15 p.m. All are invited.

Ken Lawrence campaigning for Council Distirct 8

L-R: Ken Lawrence takes the oath to be placed on the May 12th ballot, Lawrence at the District 8 candidate forum at the Woods of Shavano Park Clubhouse, Lawrence standing next to one of his signs, Lawrence signing his paperwork for inclusion on the ballot

District 8 Council candidate Ken Lawrence is one of six council hopefuls vying to replace term-limited Councilman Art Hall. A neighborhood association president and retired Air Force Colonel, Howard is actively campaigning to win the seat. He is supported by former District 8 Councilwoman Bonnie Conner.

Judge Peter Sakai events scheduled-Mar. 1st, 6th

By Alice Guerra (photo)
Sakai fundraiser consultant

Judge Peter Sakai is now hard at work on the bench of the 225th District Court.

Having been elected with almost 60% of the vote, Judge Peter Sakai was the highest vote getter among judicial candidates facing an opponent. His support was truly a bipartisan effort and he won all parts of the County.

The people acknowledged Judge Peter Sakai’s sacrifice with an overwhelming mandate – that a Champion of Children and Families should continue his work for our citizens.

Now you can help him retire his debt by participating in the following two events sponsor’s boards:

Senator John T. Montford, Elisa Chan, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, Henry Cisneros, Charline McCombs, Bartell Zachry, Jim Adams, & ACCD Board Member Denver McClendon cordially invite you to a Victory Reception for Judge Peter Sakai to Retire the Debt, Club Giraud, March 1st, from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Sponsors Board for Club Giraud Sakai Retire the Debt:

Golden Gavel Sponsors: $2,000
Silver Bench Sponsors: $1,000

Tom A. Crosley, Ralph Lopez, Jonathan D. Paurestein,Tracy Wolff, Erin Barry, Arabia Vargas, Pamela St. John,Victoria J. Waddy, & Charline McCombs cordially invite you to:

Sakai Sisterhood Retire the Debt Reception at the Tom Crosley Law Firm & Loeffler, Tuggey, Pauerstein & Rosenthall, LLP at McCombs Plaza, 755 E. Mulberry, March 6th from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Sponsors Board for Sakai Sisterhood Tom Crosley Event:

Host: $500
Sponsor: $250
Friend: $100

There are three ways to contribute to these two events:

1.) On line with credit cards at
2.) Check payable to: Peter Sakai for 225th District Court Campaign,
3.) Mail to: P. O. Box 15395, San Antonio, Texas 782123

Contact Alice Guerra at 732-8111. We have a runner to pick up all pledges and must be collected by March 7th.

These retire the debt fundraisers are the last time Judge Sakai can raise funds for three years after March 7th. The campaign was a year long campaign.

Judge Peter Sakai had to resign from the bench he held for 11 years to work toward the leadership of the nationally acclaimed court he helped establish. Please call Alice Guerra at 732-8111 to get on the sponsor’s board of both these events or email at

Monday, February 26, 2007

Woods of Shavano sponsors candidate forum

L-R: Candidates Mario Obledo, Dr. Morris Stribling, Gloria Sanchez, Dr. Morris Stribling, Mario Obledo, Diane Cibrian & daughter Christina, Ken Lawrence & wife, Diane Cibrian, Jacob Dell, Mario Obledo, Ken Lawrence, Dr. Morris Stribling, Diane Cibrian & Jacob Dell

The Woods of Shavano Park hosted a Distict 8 Council candidate forum, Monday, February 26th which attracted a huge crowd. The Neighborhood Association was forced to open its clubhouse doors to accomodate the large number of residents who came to hear the candidates.

All six candidates attended and participated in the forum. Each candidate was given five minutes to state their case and identify their priorities.

SAISD Board Members listen to parents voice opposition against building a "roundabout" in front of Cotton Elementary

L-R: Cotton Elementary, crowd, aid to Mayor Phil Hardberger Dawn Larios, Councilman Roger Flores & Public Works Director Tom Wendorf, SAISD Board Member Olga Hernandez, teacher & Helotes Councilman J.B. Richison, SAISD public reations spokesman Rolando Martinez, SAISD Board Member Carlos Villarreal, Fox News-29 reporter Stephanie Rivas & photographer, Superintendent Robert Duron shaking hands with a Cotton Elementary student, school mascot, teacher speaks with San Antonio Federation of Teachers, (SAFT) Shelley Potter, teachers & parents dress in Cat in the Hat paraphenalia in preparation for a parade honoring the birthday of Dr. Seuss, Cotton Elementary students

A larger than usual crowd turned out for a monthly SAISD school board meeting at Agnes Cotton Elementary, Monday, February 26th.

Agnes Cotton Elementary Schoool parents voiced their opposition to a proposal by the City of San Antonio to build a "roundabout" in front of the school on Blanco Road. Parent after parent walked to the microphone and addressed the board during the Citizens to be Heard segment.

Before the meeting concluded, board members agreed with the crowd and promised to address the City Council and lobby that the Council relocate the turnabout.