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Monday, October 31, 2016

Bexar County Early Vote Counts for General Election. 10-31

Alamo Stadium Convocation40040304430
Bexar County Elections46935364005
Bexar County Justice Center49042084698
Brookhollow Library20981203414132
Castle Hills City Hall90262757177
Claude Black Center35936584017
Cody Library 1466913810604
Collins Garden Library33435453879
Converse City Hall97257006672
Copernicus Community Center32530503375
East Central ISD Admin43942544693
Encino Branch Library133077819111
Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall83067047534
Great Northwest Library 1506984611352
Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library63456606294
John Igo Library120586189823
Johnston Library58844555043
Julia Yates Semmes Library1507880210309
Las Palmas Library55750965653
Leon Valley Conference Center94972428191
Lion's Field78752546041
Maury Maverick Library135582659620
McCreless Library71462937007
Memorial Library55450735627
Mission Library40740974504
Northside Activity Center69858486546
Northwest Vista College90562887193
Olmos Park City Hall60545475152
Palo Alto College25420502304
Parman Library @ Stone Oak1537970211239
Precinct 1 Satellite Office33928993238
San Antonio College ECO Centro33735203857
Shavano Park City Hall123480449278
Somerset ISD Admin15815961754
South Park Mall53651255661
South San Admin Building11814951613
Southside ISD Administration Building15615561712
Thousand Oaks/El Sendero Library79448445638
Tobin Library @ Oakwell109076368726
Universal City City Hall87656936569
University of Texas at San Antonio77563397114
Windcrest Takas Park 83551936028
Wonderland of the Americas@Crossroads13621054711909
Total in Person33786245536279322

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bexar County Early Vote Counts for General Election. 10-30

Bexar County Early Vote Counts

Ballots cast this date: 10/30/2016

Early Voting LocationsDaily
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Alamo Stadium Convocation21438164030
Bexar County Elections14333933536
Bexar County Justice Center042084208
Brookhollow Library11181091612034
Castle Hills City Hall44358326275
Claude Black Center24434143658
Cody Library 75583839138
Collins Garden Library18133643545
Converse City Hall54751535700
Copernicus Community Center12729233050
East Central ISD Admin24040144254
Encino Branch Library67471077781
Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall35863466704
Great Northwest Library 83190159846
Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library33053305660
John Igo Library69779218618
Johnston Library26341924455
Julia Yates Semmes Library79180118802
Las Palmas Library30847885096
Leon Valley Conference Center56766757242
Lion's Field32749275254
Maury Maverick Library71875478265
McCreless Library42058736293
Memorial Library26948045073
Mission Library25138464097
Northside Activity Center36754815848
Northwest Vista College60856806288
Olmos Park City Hall27042774547
Palo Alto College12419262050
Parman Library @ Stone Oak95887449702
Precinct 1 Satellite Office12427752899
San Antonio College ECO Centro17433463520
Shavano Park City Hall62674188044
Somerset ISD Admin8815081596
South Park Mall32348025125
South San Admin Building7914161495
Southside ISD Administration Building5415021556
Thousand Oaks/El Sendero Library43044144844
Tobin Library @ Oakwell57070667636
Universal City City Hall53551585693
University of Texas at San Antonio49458456339
Windcrest Takas Park 48947045193
Wonderland of the Americas@Crossroads748979910547
Total in Person17877227659245536

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bexar County Early Vote Counts for General Election. 10-29

Bexar County Early Vote Counts


Early Voting LocationsDaily
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Alamo Stadium Convocation53132853816
Bexar County Elections39829953393
Bexar County Justice Center042084208
Brookhollow Library2039887710916
Castle Hills City Hall89349395832
Claude Black Center37130433414
Cody Library 150268818383
Collins Garden Library42829363364
Converse City Hall90842455153
Copernicus Community Center39025332923
East Central ISD Admin51734974014
Encino Branch Library124058677107
Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall81255346346
Great Northwest Library 162273939015
Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library74145895330
John Igo Library134265797921
Johnston Library53536574192
Julia Yates Semmes Library142265898011
Las Palmas Library63141574788
Leon Valley Conference Center96057156675
Lion's Field69242354927
Maury Maverick Library136761807547
McCreless Library90549685873
Memorial Library71240924804
Mission Library52933173846
Northside Activity Center76547165481
Northwest Vista College104546355680
Olmos Park City Hall62736504277
Palo Alto College24116851926
Parman Library @ Stone Oak150072448744
Precinct 1 Satellite Office26225132775
San Antonio College ECO Centro35029963346
Shavano Park City Hall138760317418
Somerset ISD Admin15913491508
South Park Mall61941834802
South San Admin Building20412121416
Southside ISD Administration Building18113211502
Thousand Oaks/El Sendero Library68237324414
Tobin Library @ Oakwell114659207066
Universal City City Hall106440945158
University of Texas at San Antonio79250535845
Windcrest Takas Park 83838664704
Wonderland of the Americas@Crossroads181179889799
Total in Person35160192499227659

SA GOTV Rally/Canvass with Castro brothers & Pete Gallego, 10-29

 HUD Secretary Julian Castro, Congressman Joauin Castro Congressional candidate & former Congressman Pete Gallaego, Castro brothers mother, Rosie Castro, St. Rep. Diego Bernal, former Judge & Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa, judicial candidates Dori Contereras Garza, & former Judge Catherine Torres Stahl, & former Judge Irene Rios & Norma Gonzales, Daniel Meza, George Alejos, Miguel Castro, former Councilman Roger Perez, Commissioner Pct. 3 candidate Brandon Johnson, Cliff Walker,Andres Lopez, Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Manuel Medina, David Plylar, MaryHelen Veliz, SAEN Reporter John Gonzalez, Adelpha Reyna, Paul Stahl, Mary Ann Ramos, former Councilwoman Leticia Cantu & friend, Ivalis Gonzalez Meza & daughter Emma, attendees, crowd, sign