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Monday, July 13, 2020

Bexar County Early Vote Counts, Joint Primary Runoff Elections

Bexar County Early Vote Counts

Joint Primary Runoff Election

July 14, 2020

Ballots Cast This Date 07/10/2020

Early Voting LocationsDaily
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Bexar County Elections27767495137166203
Brookhollow Library3481368171645220422494
Castle Hills City Hall227710937185807992
Claude Black Center3069491255143448
Cody Library 3991619201832215961918
Collins Garden Library131424555108393
Encino Branch Library22063385327910131292
Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall8529137625711211378
Future QT71167238236689
Great Northwest Library 344117815222159341149
Harlandale Civic Center96278374226688
Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library17557975474315389
John Igo Library4571213167036713621729
Johnston Library14846261075396471
Julia Yates Semmes Library3421059140122010301250
Las Palmas Library1524666183978117
Lion's Field56116732234110616726
Maury Maverick Library3361305164122111391360
McCreless Library366992135864288352
Memorial Library20560581034132166
Mission Library295841113672211283
Northside Activity Center24262286477329406
Northwest Vista College (Mountain Laurel)27464491895277372
Parman Library @ Stone Oak24870094837618762252
Schaefer Library13648762377313390
Somerset City Hall3012615650151201
Southside ISD Administration Building47105152115263
Tobin Library @ Oakwell327109614231968861082
Universal City Library3038711174112516628
Windcrest Takas Park 18654673299322421
Wonderland of the Americas@Crossroads49014481938132526658
Total in Person7824241313195543171874323060

Friday, July 10, 2020

Fiesta 2020 canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, photos from 2012

L-R: 2012 Fiesta Poster & artist Joe VillarrealAlice Guerra with artist Joe Villarreal & Vangie Flores, Mistress of Ceremonie KTSA 550 Reporter Elizabeth Ruiz, SAEN Columnist Michael Quintanilla, Fiesta Commision President Robert Cuellar, Miss Fiesta Katy Rivera, Peter van de Putte, Vangie Flores, Rey Feo Fernando Reyes, Rick & sister, Margo Urieagas, former News-4 WOAI Meteorologist Maclovio Perez, Mari Sandoval, Robert Romo, participants, 12-year-old actress Willow Shields (Hunter Games)
The Fiesta Commission officially announced this year's Fiesta Flambeau Parade Grand Marshal, 12-year-old actress and star of the blockbuster "Hunger Games," Willow Shields, March 29th @ the Palladium Theatre @ the Rim.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

My Kid Cave @ Madison Estates Independent Living on Fred Road

 My "Kid Cave" is my decorated bedroom, the Justice of the Peace sign hangs in my living room!