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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Governor Bill Richardson comes to the Plaza Club

L-R: Presidential candidate & Governor Bill Richardson with Lionel Sosa & his daughters, former Eagle Pass Mayor Bill Tilney, Michelle Guevara, supporter, Lionel & Kathy Sosa, State Democratic Tejano Chair Philip Ruiz, Alex Lopez, Bexar County Democratic Chair Carla Vela, laughing with Lionel Sosa, talking with Bexar County Tejano Chair Charlie Jones, Lionel Sosa, Frank Herrera, Plaza Club logo

Presidential hopeful, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was hosted by Lionel Sosa & Frank Herrera for a major fundraiser at the Plaza Club, Tuesday, June 5th.

Sosa, a Republican & Herrera, a Democrat, hosted the bi-partisan event that attracted local supporters.

Richardson told the crowd that he was steadily rising in the polls and looked forward to catching the frontrunners in the next few months. He shared his vision for America to cheers and loud applause. He also poked fun at himself and shared humorous stories about his campaign.

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