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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bexar Democratic Party throws a party!

Top Row: State Rep. District 118th candidate Joe Farias & Texas DemVets Chair Larry Romo, judicial candidate Peter Sakai
2nd Row: Signs, Congressional District 23 candidate Albert Uresti & supporter
3rd Row: Congressional District 21 candidate John Courage & DA candidate Ed Bravanec
4th Row: Bexar County Sheriff Ralph Lopez
5th Row: Crowd with Amadeo Ortiz candidate for Bexar County Sheriff, judicial candidate Barbie Scharf-Zeldes
6th Row: Judicial candidate Catherine Torres-Stahl, Consultant JoAnn Ramon
7th Row: Congressional District 23 candidate Ciro Rodriguez & his brother Commissioner Chico Rodriguez,
8th Row: Sign & Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy Hector Delgado
9th Row: Congressional Disrict 23 candidate Rick Bolanos, Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Carla Vela, Bexar County Sheriff Ralph Lopez, & DLC Chair Connie De Luna
10th Row: The DJ & his granddaughter & L.J. Ramirez

The Bexar County Democratic Party held a fundraiser for the Party, Saturday, September 30th at the Beethoven Hall, 422 Perida Street. Elected officals and candidates spoke to the large crowd for the evening. Sheriff Ralph Lopez served as Master of Ceremonies.

State Senator Leticia van de Putte spoke to the crowd, along with Attorney General candidate David van Os, congressional candidates for the 23rd district, Rick Bolanos, Albert Uresti & Ciro Rodriguez & District 21 candiate John Courage, Bexar Democratic Party Chair Carla Vela & Texas DemVets Chair and event coordinator Larry Romo.

Others who addressed the crowd included judicial candidates Catherine Torres-Stahl, Ray Olivarri, Milton Fagin, Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, Sheriff's candidate Amadeo Ortiz, & State Rep. candidates Larry Stallings & Joe Farias.

Other elected officials included: Balcones Heights Councilman Steve Walker, Deputy Chairs Diana Stallings, Vincent Garcia, SDEC Committewoman Zada True-Courage, Commissioners Chico Rodriguez, Tommy Adkisson, Tejano Chair Charlie Jones, Young Democrats Chair Chris Garcia and Bexar Met candidate J.J. Alanis.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Chris Bell supporters turn out for fundraising event

Top Row: Signs
2nd Row: Bell shakes hands with youg Mateo, grandson of District Clerk, Margaret Montemayor, sign
3rd Row: Balcones Heights Councilman Steve Walker with Judge Paul Canales
4th Row: Commissioner Tommy Adkisson with Chris Bell, La Prensa reporter Humberto Perez
5th Row: Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy & CLC Executive Board Member Hector Delgado & Carolyn Limon & Chris Bell
6th Row: Judicial candidate Larry Noll, David Frank & his wife Margaret Cone
7th Row: District Clerk Margaret Montemayor & her husband Frank, Bexar County Election employees
8th Row: Judge Paul Canales & his wife, Rhonda, retired Judge Olin Strauss and his wife, LULAC activist Henry Rodriguez
9th Row: signs

A crowd of Chris Bell suporters turned out for a fundraiser at Beetoven's Hall on Perida Street, Friday, September 29th to hear Bell speak on the issues.

Bell visits westside VFW Post 8936 for Bingo Night

Top Row: Post Bingo caller, Gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell addresses Bingo players
2nd Row: Bell poses with WWII veteran
3rd Row: Chris Bell interviewed by KSAT Reporter Jozannah Quintanilla, Quintanilla & photographer Bill Caldera
4th Row: Chris Bell aide,
5th Row: Chris Bell & Jozannah Quintanilla, Jozannah Quintanilla
6th Row: Chris Bell & LULAC activist Walter Herbeck, Bell & Vets wife visist
7th Row: Charlie Jones introduces Chris Bell, Larry Romo, Chris Bell, & VFW commander
8th Row: Bexar County Tejano Chair Charlie Jones & unknown veteran

Gubernatorial candididate Chris Bell visited VFW Post 8936, 3001 Guadalupe Street on his way to a fundraiser at Beetoven's Hall, Friday, September 29th. He addressed the Friday Night Bingo crowd who cheered him on as he spoke about issues affecting their lives.Veteran's and their spouses welcomed him to the VFW.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rick Bolanos calls Henry Bonilla a "coward"

Rick Bolanos (photo)
Congressional District 23 candidate

Wednesday, September 27th

Rick Bolaños, congressional candidate for TX-23, wrote the Chief Counsel of the Congressional Ethics Committee requesting an investigation into the unlawful activities of Henry Bonilla, current congressman of TX-23, regarding funds improperly raised and funds improperly used to re-district the 23rd Congressional District of Texas.

Further, the Supreme Court recently found that the expressed intent of this particular redistricting process was to dilute the power of the votes of hundreds of thousands of Hispanic American citizens.

The Court assessed the redistricting of 23 as a "troubling blend of politics and race", and thereby determined it to be a clear violation of the "Voters Rights Act" and so too, unconstitutional. 10 .m. Friday, September 29th, in the shadow of San Antonio's Federal Court House, Rick Bolaños will be holding a press conference concerning this matter and Henry Bonilla's flagrant attempt to disenfranchise and usurp the constitutional voting rights of almost two hundred thousand Hispanics.

As if mocking constituents of TX-23, Mr. Bonilla's web site expresses honor and respect for by them describing them as "the salt of the earth". It serves as a cynical attempt to obscure the fact that he designed the redistricting plot specifically to throw salt in the face of hundreds of thousands of these very same citizens, each of whom trusted that their vote would count, regardless of the redistricting process implemented by Henry Bonilla and Tom DeLay.

Additionally, Mr. Bolanos calls Mr. Bonilla's admitted attempts to disenfranchise his Hispanic brothers and sisters as the ultimate betrayal of his culture and an act of cowardice and greed, undertaken for the specific purpose of pandering to the corrupt policies of Tom Delay and his Republican cohorts.

Mr. Bolanos is calling for an immediate investigation, by the FEC, into the illegal and criminal methodology used by Mr. Bonilla to secure his position as a U.S. Representative.

Fundraiser coming up for Ina Castillo, Sat. Oct. 7th

Fundraising Event

Las Comadres invite you to breakfast in honor of Ina Castillo, Judicial Candidate for County Court No. 5. Saturday, October 7, from 10 am - noon, hosted by Los Barrios Restrauant.

$25 per person/$40 per couple