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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Walker Report's "Political Person of the Year 2006"

The past political year has been an erratic roller coaster of political highs and political lows for some. For others it was "the best of times," and for still others, it was the "worst of times." Depending on your perspective, it was a mix of both.

Take for example Congressman-Elect Ciro Rodriguez. Two straight defeats at the hands of Henry Cuellar. That qualifies him for the "worst of times." Then there is the victory over the other Henry and that qualifies him for the "best of times."

While Ciro certainly qualifies and is the Political Come-Back Kid of the Year for his persistence, the Walker Report chooses a non-elected person as the Walker Report's "Political Person of 2006."

Now that Ciro Rodriguez is the newly elected Congressman for Distict 23, the pundits and the johnny-come-lately's are all claiming that they were instrumental in his landslide win, December 12th.

Even his notary who notarized his paper work to drop out of the race in August so his name could be deleted from the ballot, is taking credit for convincing him to re-enter the race.

Of course the Conservative Republicans are also taking credit by claiming they voted for "Liberal" Ciro rather than their Conservative "Poster Child" who they claim was an embarrassment to their Party. (That part is true)

The local Democratic Party and the Texas Democratic Party have also loudly proclaimed they were responsible for Ciro's come from behind win and were right there through out the campaign from the beginning. Naturally the National Democratic Party also claims credit as well since they did run a couple of ads for him.

Since everyone is claiming credit, I would be remiss if I didn't jump into the fray by claiming credit since I posted well over forty entries into the Walker Report which assuredly made the difference in his landslide win! Did you see all those photos I took of him and posted? Surely that was what did it, don't you think?

Seriously, the person who impacted his campaign more that most, other that Ciro's wife, Carolina, is none other than Gina Castaneda, his campaign staffer who will now officially serve as his Political Director.

And yes, when he decided to bow out of the race, it was Gina who convinced him to get back in the race. I was there when he announced his intentions to the Central Labor Council that he was dropping out and there again when he announced his return. Two of the top ten headlines for 2006 reflect those decisions.

Walker Report's "Political Person of the Year" is

Gina Castaneda.

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