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Thursday, December 14, 2006

San Antonio Lightning attacks Henry Bonilla

Former Congressman Henry Bonilla (photo)
The Politics of Self Destruction
Henry Is A Crook, And Voters Knew It
How Bonilla And His Staff Drove The Perfect Congressional Golf Cart Right Into The Lake

SAL Political Snitch- Commentary

Ciro Rodriguez didn't win Tuesday's 23rd District election.
Henry Bonilla lost it.

Bonilla and his crew of political snobs cast their bread upon stagnant water, and it all sank faster than an elephant in quick sand. Rodriguez got the smeared end of the shtick when the seemingly invulnerable Bonilla used the T word (terrorist) to impune Rodriguez' loyalty. That was low and undeserved.

Of course, Ciro has made plenty of mistakes on his own, which could have and should have been adressed. But he is not a terrorist. What he really is will now become apparent in the Halls of Congress.

If anyone comes close to being a suicide bomber, it is Henry.
We will be peeling his political body parts off the voting booths for years to come.

He set the most recent tone of hubris early last year when he proudly stole websites from then challenger Rick Bolanos. His handlers called it "politics 101." (Click for related story.)
Politics 101.

Henry should have done more than read the Cliff notes on that course.
He got his final grade Tuesday night.

Reprinted verbatim from the San Antonio Lighting Newspaper, December 14th.

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