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Friday, December 08, 2006

Plaintalk comment on Bonilla's accusations

James McGrody (photo)
Editor of Plaintalk from the Texas Hill County
A Republican blog

The following two articles represent a sample of the "political blowback" on the recent Henry Bonilla campaign tactic accusing Ciro Rodriguez of "bad judgement" regarding terrorists: Take The Low Road Home, written by T. J. Connelly and published in the San Antonio Lightning; and, Accusing Ciro Rodriguez of Supporting Terrorism is absurd" says Congressman Silvestre Reyes, as published in The Walker Report, a San Antonio-based Democrat blog.

Bottom line -- I continue to feel that this campaign tactic will result in a negative net-gain for Henry Bonilla. You reap what you sow!

The sad thing is that all of this was not necessary. Henry's Congressional voting record, as compared to Ciro's, would have made Ronald Reagan smile; and Henry's campaign strategy of comparing the two, with an outstanding print and television campaign, was working.

In fact I have previously posted comments to that effect: Henry Bonilla vs. Ciro Rodriguez: On the Issues, and How Ciro Voted.

I can only hope that this campaign tactic does not result in the denouement of Henry Bonilla's long political career.

And it's not too late!. Henry, stop this campaign tactic now! Apologize for it! And return to your initial campaign strategy of highlighting the two Congressional voting records -- which, in my view, is an appropriate, fair and winning strategy.

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