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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holiday from Barbara Ann Radnofsky

By Barbara Ann Radnofsky (photo)

We've kept the entire professional campaign staff together. Katie Floyd, Communications Director, is busy with our new Art Project (we have become dealers in Japan Art.Org and will be posting on the website soon), visiting her beautiful horse and baking for the holidays.

She's also editing the second campaign book, and will plan a book and thank you tour for the spring. Katie planned and executed our successful fundraiser for Ciro and we all rejoiced in his win in the runoff. We're also working on starting a PAC. Your suggestions for names would be appreciated.

Seth Davidson, Campaign Manager, is also a principal in our Japan Art venture and remains with his business, Wildsteps. I'm traveling, thanking folks, spending time with family, doing the occassional mediation, planning the PAC and looking forward to the future. I'm counting my blessings, particularly you who read the newsletters.

I have great hope for the future. Believe.
Warmest regards, BAR

Barbara Ann Radnofsky
phone: 713-858-9391

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