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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Top Ten Headlines of 2006 on the Walker Report

1. Hundreds of friends & mourners gather to honor former State Senator Frank Madla (Nov. 30)

2. Bexar County Democrats pay tribute to former Texas Governor Ann Richards at a press conference ( Sep. 14)

3. Express-News headline, Ciro in Landslide" 54-46 (Dec. 13)

4. President Bill Clinton visits San Antonio for Ciro (Dec. 10)

5. Ciro Rodriguez drops a bomshell & opts out of the District 23 Congressional race (Aug. 30)

6. Ciro Rodriguez says...."I am baack!" (Sep. 1)

7. Carlos Uresti sworn in as State Senator, District 19 (Nov. 12)

8. LULAC negotiates court order for more early voting (Dec. 5)

9. BCDPNews goes Independent of website, changes name to Walker Report, but keeps link (Nov. 28)

10. Walker Report hits milestone with #500 posting (Dec. 16)

Favorite Headline of the Year:

Two Democrats walk into a Republican precinct meeting and one says to the other.....

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