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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Senator John Edwards will declare as a Democratic candidate for the President of the Unites States

Senator John Edwards (local photo) Reprinted from MSN

WASHINGTON - Former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards is running for president for a second time, his campaign said Wednesday. NBC News confirmed the senator’s intention to run.

Edwards plans to formally announce his candidacy Thursday from New Orleans’ 9th Ward which is hard hit by Hurricane Katrina. But his campaign got a little ahead of itself Wednesday and announced his intentions online.
“Better a day earlier than a day late,” said Jennifer Palmieri, Edwards’ adviser.

On Wednesday, Edwards visited the site where he planned to make his announcement for a photo opportunity. He did yard work at the home of New Orleans resident Orelia Tyler, 54, whose home was completely gutted by Hurricane Katrina and is close to being rebuilt.

Edwards’ announcement was made after his campaign accidentally launched his campaign Web site a day early, then shut it back down.

The campaign Web site’s logo is “John Edwards ’08” and its slogan is “Tomorrow begins today.”

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Anonymous said...

I remember well in my political history class how charisma really paid off for our Pres John F. Kennedy. Not only that, being handsome is an attribute that wins votes for candidates. So.....come on down Senator John Edwards! Of course, you've got everything else going for you. But then, there is Hillary right ahead of you. It's going to be a great race to the top! Can hardly wait. Stella Pope