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Monday, December 11, 2006

Ciro press release says, "Bonilla loyal to the end"

Ciro Rodriguez speaks to the crowd of thousands as President Bill Clinton looks on. Ciro speaks to the media and Congressman Henry Bonilla.

San Antonio – Despite the national wave against the failed policies of the Bush Administration and the Republican controlled Congress, Henry Bonilla continues to remain loyal to the Bush family and the Bush Administration.

“Bringing in President Bush’s nephew to meet with a handful of volunteers in San Antonio is a weak, last-minute effort by Henry Bonilla to tie himself to the Bush name yet again – and it shows just how out of touch he is with the voters in this district,” said Adrian Saenz, with the Rodriguez campaign.

“Bonilla’s message to voters today is basically that he intends to continue to support President Bush and his policies without question.”

Throughout this campaign, Ciro Rodriguez has said that he will fight to increase the minimum wage, support our troops, honor our veterans, and lower prices on prescription drugs for our nation’s seniors.”

Sunday, December 10th, President Bill Clinton joined Ciro to rally a crowd of thousands in San Antonio . President Clinton urged voters to go to the polls on Tuesday and to send a fighter for the people to Washington.

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