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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Neighborhoods First Alliance hosts year-end party

L-R: NFA President T.C. Calvert, NFA members, Dora Ramos, Lupe Figeroa, Martin Perez & wife, Photographer Charles Lacey, Elma Sartuchi, Debra Spence's grand daughters, food

Neighborhood First Alliance (NFA) members swarmed to the Claude Black Center, 2805 E. Commerce, Thursday, December 28th to celebrate the end of 2006 with stories, food and a vision of what NFA will focus on in 2007.

During the short meeting, NFA President T. C. Calvert requested that all members stand and introduce themselves and share a success in their life in the 2006 year. Once everyone introduced themselves, the crowd prayed and sat down and broke bread with fellow members.

The crowd included two elected officials and one announced and one unannounced candidate for District 2 City Council. Council election will be held in May.

Other topics of discussion during the meeting included the upcoming second annual "Why We March" series to be held at Dr. Martin Luther King Academy and the celebration of the Dr. Martin Luther March in January.

Announced City Council candidate Keith Toney addressed the crowd as well as possible City Council candidate James Myart, a civil rights attorney.

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