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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vic Luebker announces run for State Senator District 19

Gulf War Veteran and Former Congressional Candidate Victor Luebker (photo) announces and run for Texas Senate District 19.

Friends and Fellow Texans,I'm proud to announce my entry into the 2010 race for Senate in the 19th District of Texas. It's time for more citizen servants and less politics and bickering. I encourage you to read my bio, positions on the issues and how I plan, with your support, to send one of us to Austin in 2010. I have a strong plan to make this district the most desirable place to work and play in Texas!

I served our great country in three conflicts with 22 years of military service and I’m the founder of a national Non-Profit Foundation for Veterans and their families. I’ve also served as president of a $1,000,000 company. I bring education, leadership, commitment, and a dedication to public service to the race.You'll soon see I'm working hard and not feeling out the "politics" of 2010. Candidates have an obligation to work for you, work hard, and do it well in advance. Slogans about family and country won't work in the middle of 2010, it's time for leadership today!

I proudly stepped out of the race for Congressional district 23 to endorse my good friend Quico Canseco. I’m convinced he is the right man at the right time for the job. I also feel Texans will best be served with me right here in District 19 as your Senator and advocate for small business, veterans and families. It’s time to stop the spending and create jobs.

Now is the time to roll up our sleeves to start working and stop talking about helping this vital part of the district. “Vic fought for our country in the first Gulf War, Bosina and the Global War on Terror. When he came back he started Hope4Heroes, a national non-profit organization that serves wounded men and women of our armed forces, and has since become one of our nation’s leading experts on veteran’s issues.

"He is an outstanding American who has served our country and our community with pride and honor his entire life. As someone who knows Texas and knows our community I am proud to support Vic in his effort to represent Senate District 19," says Quico Canseco.

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