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Friday, December 18, 2009

Judge Lori Valenzuela is sworn in @ Jury Room, 12-18

L-R: Judge Lori Valenzuela with mother, Esther, brother, Freddie Jr., with two of her three kids, with her husband, Shawn, with Master of Ceremonies Judge Phil Kazen, State Senator Jeff Wentworth, DA Susan Reed & Arthur Amerson, former JP Gary Hutton, St. Mary's University President Dr. Charles Cottrell & St. Mary's Law School Dean Dr. Charles Cantu, James "Captain" Turner, Al Kaufman, District Clerk Margaret Montemayor, supporters, Judge Lori Valenzuela & father, ret. Army Maj. Gen. Freddie Valenzula

Judge Lori Valenzuela was sworn in as the Judge of the 487th District Court in the Central Jury Room, in the Justice Center downtown, December 18th.

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