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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Quico Canseco files for Congressional District 23, 12-7

Francisco Canseco Files Petition for March 2nd Republican Primary Election for the Texas 23rd Congressional District.

On the opening day of filing for the March 2nd Republican primary election, Texas 23rd Congressional District candidate Francisco Canseco filed 995 signatures with the Republican Party of Texas. 500 valid signatures are required to be placed on the ballot for the spring primary election. Francisco Canseco is the first Republican to qualify for the March 2nd primary in the 23rd district.

“As I have been meeting with the voters of the 23rd district I have been humbled at the tremendous outpouring of support for my candidacy. People are tired of Washington’s wasteful spending; they are deeply concerned about the direction of our country and the outright theft of our freedoms and liberties by an ever expanding federal government.” Canseco said on Thursday.

Speaker of the Texas House of Reps. Joe Straus of San Antonio said of Canseco “What I most admire about Quico Canseco is his commitment to giving back to his community,” said Speaker Straus. “Not only did he build his own successful small business and create jobs, but he used that success to help others achieve their dreams, providing loans to aspiring businesses and scholarships to thousands of students. His commitment to his faith, family and his community is a great example of selfless service to others.”

Texas Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones of San Antonio commented on Canseco’s filing “The Texas 23rd Congressional District deserves a representative who will stand strong against the massive debt, wasteful spending, and increased taxes coming out of Washington,” said Commissioner Jones “Canseco understands that new tax burdens, socialized medicine, and radical environmental policies hurt our small business and stifle job creation at a time when we should be focused on helping these businesses so our families can get back to work.”

If you have the time to volunteer with our campaign or the ability to donate $25, $50, or $100, Visit my website to sign up to volunteer or donate.

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Anonymous said...

The Railroad Commissioner's brother has contributed to Congressman Rodriguez recently.