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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Latino Breakfast Club hosts speaker Dr.Ricardo Romo, 12-22

L-R: UTSA President Dr. Ricardo Romo with Selective Service Director Larry Romo, with Business Journal Columnist Andi Rodriguez, Latino Breakfast Club Founder & Walker Report Blogger Joe Solis, with Dr. Ricardo Romo, with political consultant Gina Castaneda, & with James "Captain" Turner, four attendees, James "Captain" Turner, Laura Calo, Tino Moreno, Kris Rodriguez, Michael Hu, Selective Service Director Larry Romo, Julie "Mama Bexar" Oldham, Robert Rodiguez, Congressman Ciro Rodriguez staffer Brad Mayher, judicial candidates Alfredo Ximenez, Lauro Bustamante, & Liza Rodiguez, Danny Saenz, Robert Vasquez, Charles Guerra, attendees, business cards

UTSA President Dr. Ricaro Romo addressed the Latino Breakfast Club monthly meeting @ Cha Cha's Restaurant across form the Medical Center, December 22nd.

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