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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bexar County DA candidate Nico LaHood makes it official

Nicholas LaHood (photo) Makes Race for Bexar County DA Official

San Antonio attorney, Special Prosecutor, and former Magistrate

“This isn’t a decision I took lightly,” noted LaHood. “But the more people I talked with, the more it became clear that change has to start at the top in the DA’s office if we’re going to get serious about making San Antonio a safer place to work, live and raise children.”

LaHood pointed to a series of challenges facing Bexar County, from overcrowded jails, to an underutilization of drug courts, to the lowest conviction rate among the five largest counties in the state.

LaHood is a member of the club no one should have to belong to — families who have lost loved ones to violence. His brother Michael was shot in an attempted carjacking, and Nicholas, along with his younger brother Marc, represented their family in Huntsville to witness the state execution of his brother’s murderer.

Noting that 80% of Texas inmates are high school dropouts, LaHood added that “we would make San Antonio a safer place if we measured success in the number of people we graduate from high school and not just the number of people we have sitting in a jail.”

Nicholas LaHood has been recognized repeatedly by his peers as a “Rising Star” in Law & Politics Magazine. He has practiced both as a criminal defense attorney and as a Special Prosecutor, previously for Wilson, Karnes, and Medina Counties and currently for Bexar County. A member of the St. Mary’s Law School Alumni Association Board, Nicholas and his wife Davida are the proud parents of their 15-month old daughter, Maya.

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