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Sunday, December 20, 2009

More photos from the Lori Valenzuela swearing-in ceremony

L-R: Judge Lori Valenzuela with political consultant Gina Castañeda, Army ret. Major General Freddie Valenzuela with political consultant Gina Castañeda, Judges Al Alonso, Sid Harle, Phil Kazen, Ray Olivarri, Rebecca Simmons, Phyllis Speedlin, Marialyn Barnard, Sandee Bryan Marion, Peter Sakai, Linda Penn, Karen Pozza, Ron Rangel, Catherine Stone (Chief Justice 4th Ct. of Appeals) & David Peeples, Catherine Torres-Stahl, Laura Parker, Lisa Jarrett, Steve Hilbig, Sol Casseb & Larry Noll, Walker Report Publisher/Editor & Judge Steve Walker with Judge Sarah Garrahan

More photos from the Judge Lori Valenzula swearing-in ceremony @ the Central Jury Room in the Bexar County Justice Center, December 18th.

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