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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

54-year-old Firefighter Robert De La Luz passes away

Robert E De La Luz (photo) passed away on Dec. 14th at the age of 54. He served proudly as a San Antonio Firefighter for 28 yrs before retiring.

He was preceded in death by his parents Rodolfo Sr. and Alicia De La Luz. He leaves behind his daughters Desiree, Nicole and Muta and wife Doris, brothers Rudy (Gloria), Ralph (Debbie), Roman (Bette) and Ray (Melissa) along with several nieces and nephews.

The viewing is Thursday, Dec. 18th at the Delgado Funeral Home at 319 W Mitchell from 3 p.m. till 9 p.m. with the sevice beginning at 7 p.m. A Chapel service will be held at Delgado Funeral Home at 10 a.m. Friday, Dec. 19th with interment to follow at San Jose Burial Park.


Desy388 said...

You are in my heart always. I love you Dad-O.


roman said...

My Favorite Brothers Unforgettable Memory.

What if you could remember, in detail, nearly every day of your life, with you favorite brother?

I can!

It has taken me a while to post this when I first you photo on this site.

I think and miss my favorite brother constantly he was a father, a mentor, a shoulder to lean on, my leader, my hero, and my best friend. He was my hero! My heart is drained and full of sorrow. My wife, son and daughter keep me going. Now you are free. I will see you again, but not yet; Brother.

Romey and Roman have some business to take care of in honor of you. You will be proud, in continuous of 1222. Only you would understand what I am talking about.

I am an artist because of you. I wear a uniform and serve because of you. I own a 69 Mustang Fastback because of you. I own a motorcycle because of you. I have the same handwriting because of you. I share every love in life and every collection you loved because of you.

Robert E. de la Luz. R.E.D. There is nothing braver than a man running into a burning structure when everyone is running out.

You are honored in my household. My kids are honored with the name you gave me. You live on, in my memories and live on in photos for my kids. When they see a San Antonio Fire Man, they say, Uncle Robert.

Robert I still hear you voice; saying hey Roman It’s me Robert. I love you.

Who was the one that made me happy? Who was the one that always was on mind? Who was the reason for my smile? Dude, we share that awesome smile.

I miss you more than anyone could ever imagine. Robert I am lost without you. Everyone needs someone. Every one needs that special kind of love. You gave me that and I expressed that you all the time.

I am running only 13.1 miles for you in honor of Station 13. I plan to raise money soon for a head stone for you.

You were what you gave. In addition, you gave me the world. I love you more than words, feelings, tears could ever explain.

So this is the way it is! Like you would, say.

Robert you gave the compulsion in work and in life to always investigate the limits of our capabilities as human beings. Over and over people demonstrate that we are capable of much more than we think we are, both mentally and physically. The boundary line of what is ‘possible’ seems to keep expanding. My attempts to challenge those limits always teached me a lot and I hope they inspire others to find their own hidden reserves.

Firefighters want to live forever.

Love you, your favorite brother,



Dear Robert,

There is not a day in my life that you are not remembeR.E.D. I miss you and just cant accept you are not here. I believe you are in paradise. Cant wait to tell the lord to take me to you.

your favorite brother,


Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

I have not forgot you. RemembeR.E.D.!

Robert Ernest de la luz

Red Station 13.

You and I have served the same district.

your favorite brother.


Roman David de la Luz said...

Dear R.E.D. (Favorite Brother)

I love you more than ever. You were my shooting star! My diamond in the sky. God and his Son Jesus know how much you shined your light on me. I pray for strength to carry on.

Your Favorite Brother,

Roman David de la Luz

Anonymous said...


Robert Ernest de la luz

Red Station 13.

Thank you for saving lives. Although you did not die serving on 9/11 you died saving others on your your of duty.

I miss my Favorite Brother. I fight in your honor with a ready sword.

your favorite brother.


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert E. de la Luz,

I miss you. Today I turn 41 years old. For a grown man to miss his brother like a child says alot about you. Tears pour out of my eyes for you. I love you and wait for the day to be reunited with you. "Once a FireFighter always a FireFighter."

All my loyality to you,

signed in the name you gave me

Roman David de la Luz

Anonymous said...

dear Robert,

i never thanked you like i should have. you were always hard on the exterior. makes perfect since to me why i am the way i am. i walk like you, stand up like you and fight like you. i look hard like you but man i am grateful i have a smile like you.

as hard as you were you allowed me in. i am not certain why you would always call me your favorite brother. i have to think it was because i was the under dog. there was raymond with ralph and rudy. he scored perfect, "a's" on his report card. I struggled in school. raymond got along with ralph and rudy. i stood up to them and would lose out in the end. raymond got the rides to school; while i walked. you loved the under dog.

i thanked you but never thanked you for beliving in me. for being by my side and loving the under dog. you used to tell me you were the black sheep in the family. man i fit right into that mold. i would have to think that is why i was your favorite brother.

my days are longer..............without you. my heart misses you more each day..............without you. when i look back i remember each word you used to tell me. Robert I wont forget you, FAVORITE BROTHER!

in my head i can hear you, i can see you, i can feel your handshake. i can see and feel your smile. man i miss you.


everybody is looking for something...........i had that something and i am greatful that our LORD placed him in my life.


The black sheep is seen as an outsider, but only because he is a teller of truth.

roman david de la Luz