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Saturday, January 22, 2011

SA 2020 meets with Mayor Julian Castro @ Tri-Point, 1-22

L-R: Mayor Julian Castro & wife, Erica, Mel Feldman, Tomas Larralde, Andi Rodriguez, Christian Archer & Jaime Castillo, Rob Rodriguez, Ginger Purty, former Councilwoman Patti Radle, Judge Renee McElhaney, Kaye Cruz, Priscila Ingle, Anais Biera, Council candidate Ray Zavala, Dee Villarubia, Dr. Manny Berriozabal, Cliff Walker & friend, Council candidates Gloria Rodriguez, Bud Little, Ralph Medina & Chris Forbrich, Great Chamber President Carrie Wells & Greater Chamber CEO Richard Perez, Police Chief Bill McManus & Fire Chief Charles LaHood, City Mgr. Sheryl Sculley, Magdalena McCall, Elgenio Rodriguez, Councilwomen Elisa Chan & Mary Alice Cisneros, Annalisa Peace, attendees, Tri-Point

SA 2020 meet for the fifth and last time @ Tri-Point attracting another large crowd, Saturday, January 22nd.

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