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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hold on-we still have five more Judge posts to go-we are behind

L-R: Judge Cathy Stryker, Judge Jason Wolff & daughter, Judge Carlo Key & son, Judge Liza Rodriguez & children, District Clerk Donna Kay Kinney

Due to the sheer number of Judges swearing in yesterday, we are behind in posting. Three down and five more to go. Unfortunately some were not covered due to two Judges at a time were sworn in in two different courthouses and only one photographer.

Judges Bill White, Carlo Key, Jason Wolff, Cathy Stryker, & Liza Rodriguez, were not covered although we were able to take at least one photo of each within the courthouse hallways as we were running from court to court, except Judge Bill White. We tried. We were even able to take a photo of Bexar County District Clerk Donna Kay Kinney after she was sworn in. We apologize to the Judges.

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