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Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Judges to take oath of office today in two separate courts

285th District Court Judge-Elect Richard Price, ((11:30 a.m.) 224th District Court Judge-Elect Cathy Stryker, (3:30 p.m.) 290th District Court Judge-Elect Melisa Skinner, (1 p.m.) 144th District Court Judge-Elect Angus McGinty, (9 a.m.) County Court #12 Judge-Elect Scott Roberts, (4:45 p.m.) County Court #9 Judge-Elect Walden Shelton, (10:15 a.m.) County Court #8 Judge Elect Liza Rodriguez (2:15) to be sworn in @ the Central Jury Room in the Bexar County Justice Center on Dolorosa, January 1st.

County Court #14 Judge-Elect Bill White, (photo) (1 p.m.) County Court #11 Judge-Elect Carlo Key, (11:30 a.m.) County Court #2 Judge- Elect Jason Wolff, (10:15 a.m.) County Court Judge #1 Judge-Elect John Fleming (9 a.m.) County Court #6 Judge-Elect Wayne Christian (3:30 p.m.) & County Court #7 Judge-Elect Genie Wright (2:15 p.m.) will be take the oath of office in Presiding Court on the second Floor of the Old Court House on Dolorosa, January 1st.

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