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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Centennial celebration for President Ronald Reagan, Feb. 6th

Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (photo)
hangs in Judge Steve Walker's Courtroom

In 1981 President Ronald Reagan addressed 10,000 delegates to the National Junior Chamber of Commerce Convention in San Antonio. The speech was his first after the John Hinkley assassination attempt.

As President of the San Antonio Junior Chamber (then called Jaycees) we were the guest host chapter for his appearance. I stood less than 50 feet from him with a copy of his prepared script in my hand following along as he addressed the convention.

He elicited numerous ovations as he presented his 20 minute speech. 27 years later I was elected as a Justice of the Peace. Since I took office, his portrait continues to hang in my courtroom as a reminder of my encounter in 1981.

Judge Steve Walker
a.k.a. Walker Report Publisher/Editor

Editor's Note: Portraits of President's Barack Obama, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, & Abraham Lincoln also hang in my courtroom along with matted and framed copies of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence & Gettysburg Address.

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