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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sharron Angle plans National Tea Party Campaign for 12

Sharron Angle (photo) plans national Tea Party Grassroots organizing Campaign for the 2012 Election Cycle

New national tea party organization looks to immediately begin organizing in key primary states

Reno, NV – Sharron Angle is collaborating with Tea Party organizers from 15 states in preparation to launch a national movement organization.

The new organization is being called “The Patriot Caucus,” and Angle is readying a major online action hub that organizers promise will be state-of-the-art. A series of websites being developed will be rolled out through January and February of 2011.

The PAC will begin setting up offices in Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada in early 2011. Upcoming announcements will outline the PAC’s intentions to organize a ground game across most battleground states for the 2012 election cycle.

“The tea party movement stood with me through a hard fought race against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,” Sharron Angle said. “It’s time for me to give back and help our movement take the fight against big government to a new level.”

The Patriot Caucus will soon announce a date and Historic location where a national press conference will be held and full plans will be made public.

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