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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Judge Steve Walker's JP tips in Scene in SA Magazine, 12-23

10 Tips for Justice of the Peace Court

1. Always come to court with an attorney. Don’t defend your self.
2. Watch what you say and how you say it. You could be held in contempt.
3. When you have a court date, show up. Failure to show could cost you a warrant and jail time.
4. Always address the Judge as “Your Honor” or Judge.” Be respectful.
5. Dress appropriately.
6. Turn off all cell phones and other devices while in court. If they go off, they will be confiscated.
7. Be prepared to pay at least a portion of your fines. Payment plans are an option.
8. You will be allowed to take a defensive driving class once a year with court costs to keep your driving record clean.
9. If you are show caused for not completing court mandates, you most likely will go to jail.
10. Any decision a Justice of the Peace makes that you don’t agree with, can be appealed to County Court within the designated time.

These 10 tips are currently in the December 23rd edition of Scene in SA Magazine (page 38) currently on newsstands for the next month in San Antonio to include all HEBs.

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