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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Walker Report Editor pens article for Christian News of Texas

SAN ANTONIO -- After seven years of retirement, the Lord put on my heart to become a judge. Fortunately, with the grace of God and many prayers, I was elected to office for a four year term in 2008.

As Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2 now, I enter my courtroom five days a week, praying for God’s guidance and invoking the wisdom of Solomon. The 23rd Psalm is also not far from my thoughts!

Located on Guilbeau and Bandera, my courtroom is usually full of an odd assortment of defendants to include a full day of truancy offenders. By law, students must attend class until they are 18 years old, pass the required TAKS test, and complete their course work.

It doesn’t always happen. As a judge and retired teacher, I address the problem of drop outs, excessive no shows to class and a high rate of tardy students.

With God’s divine intervention, this past year, a student was cited for truancy numerous times. Her mother was frustrated that her daughter skipped school and hung out with her friends.

Juvenile detention was an option. We worked with her, monitored her attendance and less than a year later, she is a local college student doing well in her studies.

She also now works as a temp in our courtroom two days a week doing data entry. She could have become a dropout.

She didn’t. Chalk it up to God’s mercy. -- Judge Steve Walker, a Viet Nam Veteran, is a member of Northwest Church of Christ and a former Wayland Baptist University Adjunct Instructor.

Editor's Note: This article is currently online in the December issue of Christian News of South Texas.

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