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Monday, December 17, 2007

Walker Report Photo Blog posts for the 2,500th time!!!

Steve Walker (photo)
Walker Report Publisher

The Walker Report has hit yet another milestone in the photo blogging world. We just hit our 2,500th posting since June 16th, 2006 by lauding Terri Hall for her recognition as San Antonian of the Year. Moments ago we also passed 124-thousand views since January 10th of this year.

Not shy about blowing our own horn, Walker Report takes great pleasure in highlighting and promoting the accomplishments of everybody and every event in Bexar County. Whether you are a CEO, a living legend, icon, or Joe Sixpack, we want to let everybody know what a valuable asset you are to your community.

Send us your information about your political campaign, your non-profit events, your church happenings, special talents, your struggling businesses that need a little nudge, and we will let Bexar County know that you exist.

The Walker Report is all about photos of people, whether you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, religious, sectarian, mainstream, or even unique and follow a different drum beat that no one else hears. It is all about uplifting the human spirit. We can agree to disagree, but in an agreeable way.

The ground rules are still the same as when we started. We are a family blog and children friendly. We don't post photos with alcohol, cigarettes, inappropriate gestures etc. No trashing or personal attacks of those you disagree with in the political arena. As a former Journalist, editing is an intregal part of the Walker Report process. Brevity is good.

With so much good happening in San Antonio & Bexar County we can't cover it all, but we will certainly try. We will post your photos as well. Some advice to those taking photos. Get close. The Walker Report is all about up close and personal. As you can attest to the photo at the top, (character lines, flaws etc.) we take that seriously!

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