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Monday, December 31, 2007

Christianity takes center stage on Walker Report in 2007

L-R: National Day of Prayer, May 3rd, @ City Hall, NW Church of Christ kids bear gifts for the Magi Project for the less fortunate kids on the Texas Southern Border, Faith Outreach Center hosts rally for controversial Pastor, Women's Citywide Prayer @ Castle Hills 1st Baptist Church, Promise keepers Convention @ AT &T Center

Christianity took center stage on the Walker Report on more than one occasion during 2007 to include: the Promise Keepers Convention that drew over 6-thousand men of all ages to the AT & T Center for two days, an All-City Woman's Prayer confab, a rally at a local church to support a local pastor that was embroiled in a controversy involving a Christian Boot Camp, children bearing gifts for the Magi Project @ NW Church of Christ and National Day of Prayer at City Hall.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess since I'm a Jew I'm not allowed to read the Walker Report anymore. So much for Democrats and religious tolerance. If I want right-wing nonsense, I'll just go directly to Rush.

So long, Dittohead.

Anonymous said...

So what is your problem with Christianity, Mr. Jew? Get a life. We cover Christians, Jews & Muslims. First post this year was a Muslim commentary from the Express-News. In fact we will be covering more Muslim events when we receive them. That is called religous tolerance. And by the way, my father was a Jew. (Can you spell-Ginsburg!!)
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