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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Governor Mike Huckabee preaches @ Cornerstone Church, ignores media, protested by Congressman Ron Paul supporters

L-R: Republican Presidential Ron Paul supporters including Santa Claus, protesting Presidential candidate former Governor Mike Huckabee @ Cornerstone Church, KENS-5 Reporter Nydia Lopez, Fox-29 Reporter Jonathan Martinez, CBS freelancer Kaye Cruz, Express-News Photographer Jerry Lara, KSAT-12 Photographer Luis Cienfuegos & KENS-5 Photographer Sam Hernandez, independent photographer, Express-News Political Reporter Greg Jefferson interviews church member

Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee preached two services @ Cornerstone Church, Sunday, December 23rd, but left media high and dry for photos and sound bites as he was ushered in the backside of the church for the service.

KSAT-12, Fox-29, KENS-5, AP Wire, Express-News Reporter & Photographer, independent reporters, photo bloggers were forced to stand in a drive way while Huckabee whizzed by and was whisked into a garage away from media.

Republican Presidential Ron Paul supporters protested Huckabee's appearance and record as Governor of Arkansas on the freeway in front of Cornerstone Church.

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