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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Top 20 political headlines in 2007 on Walker Report

L-R: TURF Executive Director Terri Hall interviewed by the media after the 12-4 vote by MPO to continue to pursue Toll Roads on Hwy. 281, Hall confers with fellow Toll Road opponent State Rep. Nathan Macias, protesters, signs, Red-Light camera in Balcones Heights

  1. Home Schooling Mom named San Antonian of the Year (Dec.-17th)
  2. TURF files federal lawsuit vs. MPO Policy Board (Oct. 23rd)
  3. TURF Press Conference to file injunction to stop vote (Nov.-19th)
  4. Red-Light Cameras flashing in Balcones Heights (Mar.-30th)
  5. Former Councilman Enrique Barrera passes away (Aug.-31st)
  6. Bexar County Sheriff Ralph Lopez officially resigns (Aug.-31st)
  7. Breaking news-Mikal Watts drops out of Senate race (Oct. 23rd)
  8. State Rep. Puente announces his retirement to constituents (Oct.-20th)
  9. Frank Herrrera hosts Speaker of House Pelosi (Nov. 19th)
  10. Gov. Richardson shows he is Presidential (Mar.-20th)
  11. 3 Senators +4 Congressman=major fundraiser (Apr.-22nd)
  12. Obama wows crowd @ Sunset Station (Jun.-24th)
  13. The many Expressions of Vicente Fox (May.-25th)
  14. Mayor Guiliani attends private fundraiser (May.-23rd)
  15. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst speaks to Republican women (Dec.-18th)
  16. SA Council takes oath of office @ City hall (May.-22nd)
  17. Former VP Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize (Oct.-12th)
  18. It’s official AG Alberto Gonzalez resigns (Aug.-27th)
  19. Karl Rove resigns (Aug.13th)
  20. McGrody pulls out of Congressional Race (Oct. 29th)

*Anti-Toll Road sentiment was and is extremely high in Bexar County, thus dominating the headlines on Walker Report featuring Anti Toll Road spokesperson Terri Hall. The other story showing up frequently on the Walker Report was the installation of Red Light Cameras in Balcones Heights.

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