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Monday, December 24, 2007

Battle of Medina Archeological Dig-January 26th

Kris Rodriguez (photo)
UTSA Public Affairs Office

“Battle of Medina” Archeological dig.

Saturday January 26th, the volunteers for research will assemble at 8:30 a.m. at the N. West intersection of Hwy 281 South at 1604 at the Shell-McDonalds station South of San Antonio.

From there the group will be led to a private ranch where it has been rumored that artifacts have been discovered identifying this area as the possible location of the Battle of Medina. The team will be led by Dr. Andres Tijerina Ph.D. Texas History Professor at Austin Community College and Dan Arellano, Author of Tejano Roots.

Amateur and Professional Historians are invited to participate in this historical event. It is an isolated location and volunteers are asked to bring their own lunch and water. Bring your metal detectors and shovels.

The Battle of Medina was the biggest and bloodiest battle ever fought on Texas soil. Over a thousand Tejanos sacrificed their lives for freedom and democracy that to this day remain unknown and unrecognized for their ultimate sacrifice. For more information contact: Dan Arellano

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Aren't you the Walker running for Justice of Peace? Why haven't I heard back on League of Women Voter's Questionaire? I have almost everyone else's. I'm planning on sending to the printers on Monday morning (Jan 25)but would save a space if someone assured me they would get it in by Tuesday.