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Monday, August 20, 2007

Hundreds turn out to support Pastor Charles Flowers

L-R: Boot Camp graduates, crowd of singers & dancers, tee-shirt orders, Bible teacher Eileen Vincent, Reinette Alecozay, Attorney Jimmy Parks speaks to the media that includes Fox News -29, News-4 WOAI Reporter Demond Fernandez, KSAT-12 Reporter Jozannah Quintanilla, & KENS-5 Reporter Jessica Silva

Every seat in the sanctuary at the Faith Outreach Center on Sunshine Ranch was full with people, Monday, August 20th and still more were lined up around the back of the church in support of Pastor Charles Flowers who is accused of assault of a teen who was enrolled in a Christian Boot Camp he oversees, by dragging her behind a moving vehicle during a mandatory run for teenagers assigned to the boot camp.

The crowd rallied around the Pastor and offered testimonies about his successful work turning around troubled teens.

Flowers very briefly addressed the crowd. Attorney Jimmy Parks represents Flowers and he spoke with the media during the service.

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