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Monday, August 20, 2007

Goodbye Nacho Guarache, we will miss you!

L-R: Nacho Guarache, Bruce Davidson

For the past 20 years, Express-News readers have been accustomed to reading Leo Garza's Nacho Guarache, which appeared here for the last time last Thursday. (Aug. 17th)

During those two decades, the number of American newspapers with staff cartoonists has plummeted by more than half. Editor & Publisher recently reported that only about 80 cartoonists remain in staff positions at newspapers.

Throughout those 20 years, the Express-News has enjoyed the rare luxury of two staff cartoonists, Garza and John Branch. But the changing economic environment confronting newspapers across the nation has forced us to make the difficult decision to discontinue Nacho Guarache.

We know Nacho will be missed, but it is no secret that newspapers must adapt to fast-changing times and new market conditions wrought by the Internet.

We remain committed to providing a wide variety of views and comments on our opinion pages.

Bruce Davidson
Editorial Page Editor

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