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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bexar County Sheriff candidate Chris Milam speaks

Chris Milam (photo)
Republican Primary candidate
for Bexar County Sheriff

Milam Says, “Open the Books at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office”

The only declared Republican candidate for Sheriff, Chris Milam comments on the most recent allegations lodged against Bexar County Sheriff Ralph Lopez. “If the allegations in the indictment are true, then this is just another example of mismanagement and lack of accountability in the Bexar County Sheriff’s office," says Milam.

“Thirty-eight cents out of every property tax dollar paid to Bexar County goes to the Sheriff’s Office. The people of Bexar County deserve a Sheriff who will show how every penny of their tax dollar is being spent.

“During Sheriff Lopez’s tenure, I have noticed absentee leadership and example after example of poor management and lack of accountability. I believe leadership begins at the top and that the Sheriff has a duty to lead by example. If the Sheriff has done nothing wrong then he should be willing to open the books and let the people see how every penny is spent.”

Contact Robert Colunga at 210-316-9256 to arrange interviews or for questions. Paid for by the Chris Milam for Sheriff Campaign fund.

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