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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chris Bell tells Bexar County Democrats, "Thanks"

Top Row: Chris Bell speaks to Veteran rally
2nd Row: Chris & State Senator-Elect Carlos Uresti, Chris speaks at CWA Hall
3rd Row: Chris at State Rep.-Elect Joe Farias' headquarters, Chris & Congressional 23 candidate for the run off Ciro Rodriguez
4th Row: Chris & Commissoner Tommy Adkisson, Chris & wife Allison
5th Row: Chris & Bexar County Democratic Chair Carla Vela, Chris & Balcones Heights Councilman Steve Walker

By Chris Bell

I have now had a day to think about the long, wild ride that was the race for governor. It will take much longer to sort through all that occurred but I do know this: I am thankful for the experience and blessed to have had so many wonderful people such as you supporting my effort.

In my concession speech, I shared the Alexandra Saperstein quote that appears on a gift from my nieces: "Those who never risk themselves, never fully become themselves."

As this experience has taught me, there is so much truth in that statement. Losing is no fun but simply giving up and not fighting is absolutely nothing. As the race for governor wore on, I found my footing, I found my voice and felt as if I had a chance to "fully become myself."

I leave the race with head held high and pride intact - having accomplished more than many thought imaginable.

I am encouraged about the direction of both our state and country. The results in the Texas House elections will hopefully produce a more bipartisan approach to governing and a chance for real progress here in the Lone Star State.

The majority shift in both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate is nothing short of phenomenal and my only hope now is that with the leadership of both chambers secured, my Party will not forget our past mistakes that took us to minority status or the more recent mistakes made by Republicans that produced the same.

History can be a great teacher.

I am also heartened by exit polls showing that one of the driving forces behind Tuesday's results was people being fed up with corruption. If we are going to move forward, we are going to have to end the cash-and-carry nature of politics. Period. Ethics reform is key to a brighter future.

And speaking of the future, I hope mine is bright, too - I just don't know exactly what it will be. My focus will be on family and work and I will be pursuing a number of different options.

Please keep us in your prayers as we change course and know that if we can ever do anything for you, we're just a phone call away. Thank you for giving me the privilege of being the Democratic Nominee for Governor of Texas!

It was a tremendous honor for which I will always be extremely grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Chris Bell, truly a class act!